Improve your home’s functionality with a renovation

When it comes to home renovations, everyone has different needs. Whether that means improved aesthetics, accessibility, more functional space, or expansions, those needs can be met. Hiring the right general contractor will ensure you’re getting what you need from your home renovation. If that’s more square footage, a new layout, or just a refreshing change, the right company can improve your home inside and out.

Molecular Construction in Edmonton shares some ways you can improve your home with a renovation:

If you lack space, add it on

If your existing space is too small for the kitchen of your dreams, look into a home addition. This doesn’t apply only to kitchens; you can also help improve the square footage of other rooms in your home. Get the bathroom, dining room, or even living room that you have been wanting by increasing your home’s square footage.

Molecular Construction can review your home and property to determine the best place for your addition. Whether it’s a bump-out for an eat-in kitchen, four-season sunroom, or a new bathroom in the basement, home additions are a great way to ensure your home is renovated to meet your changing needs.

Improve your kitchen’s layout

If you’re investing in a significant kitchen remodel, you might want to change the layout. Common kitchen and main floor renovations include creating an open concept space. It could also mean shifting cabinets around or adding a kitchen island. When it comes to kitchen remodels, there are several different options for layout. Hiring a professional like Molecular Construction will ensure the proper planning, drawings, and permits are in place for the structural changes to your home.

Kitchen renovations can greatly improve function and your personal enjoyment of the space. They also add value to your home and have a good return on investment compared to other home renovations.

Don’t forget about your home’s exterior

When people think about home renovations, they tend to think of the interior more than the exterior. Some things can be updated outside the home, such as new windows, concrete work, siding, and more. Your home’s exterior is its first defense against the elements. You want your home’s exterior to be energy-efficient and effective in protecting your home. Plus, how your home looks on the outside play a major role in curb appeal. Poor curb appeal can diminish property value, which is especially important if you ever decide to put your home up for sale.

General contractors in Edmonton

Family-owned and operated with more than thirty years of experience gives you the peace of mind you need for home renovations. Each renovation project has extensive collaboration, and Molecular Construction works closely with their clients to make sure their needs are satisfied. They’re passionate about their work, ensure a high level of workmanship, and can provide you with the interior or exterior renovation of your dreams.

Call Molecular Construction with your renovation needs today.

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