Improve your outdoor living space with a pergola

Your backyard can be transformed into a personal outdoor oasis. Use it for relaxing, dining, and spending time as a family. First, you’ll have to create that outdoor living space. Installing a new deck with a pergola can help create a functional, private, and shaded space to help you spend more time outside.

Magnolia Plus Construction in Vancouver shares why you should install a pergola this summer:

Expand your living space

A great benefit that pergolas add to your home is that they extend your living space. By investing in an outdoor structure, you can have a designated space to do the things you enjoy most. You can have comfortable lounge furniture, a table for dining, a fire table, and other great features to help personalize the space.

Plus, with a pergola, you can install a roof to help protect your living space from the elements. This provides shade, protection from rain, and allows you to enjoy the backyard no matter what the weather is. Even if you go with a covered design, pergola designs can keep your space bright and airy with a clear roof.

Increase your privacy

A backyard should be a space that you use to relax and unwind in. If your space is too open or not private enough to do so, a pergola can help! Installing a structure can help by blocking the eye line of people you might not want to look in. You can also add things like lattice, privacy walls, growing vines, or drapes to help make your space even more private. There are several different ways pergolas can increase your privacy, you just need to decide which option suits you best.

Improve property value

Everyone has been spending a lot more time at home lately, and that has made outdoor living spaces more important than they were before. Outdoor living spaces are an attractive feature for buyers and could increase the marketability and resale value of your home. Plus, living spaces like decks and patios have a good return on investment. Combine them with a beautifully designed pergola and you’ll have a competitive property when it comes time to sell.

Deck builders in Vancouver

The innovation Magnolia Plus Construction brings to their installations is second to none. With 2D drawings and 3D animations used in the process, their clients get a true visual representation before installation. This makes their dedication to 100% client satisfaction an easy goal to achieve. Their professional technicians provide exceptional service every step of the way, and they’re happy to offer the most competitive price.

Improve your backyard with Magnolia Plus Construction today.

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