Improving Your Residential Concrete

Does your home’s concrete need an upgrade? The concrete contractors at Edmonton Concrete and Asphalt are here to help! They offer concrete installation, restoration, repair, sealing, and many other concrete services. Here are some ideas for how you can improve your home’s concrete. 

A fresh pour

New concrete is a great way to improve your home’s curb appeal while adding functionality. If your current driveway, sidewalk, pathway, or patio is damaged, new concrete can make all the difference. New concrete, especially at the front of the house, can drastically improve curb appeal. Plus, concrete has come a long way and is more versatile than it once was. There are many finishes and even colours to choose from. For example, stamped concrete can mimic the look of natural stone, tile, and even wood grains. 

A fresh pour also gives you the opportunity to add any new features you don’t already have. A pathway connecting the front and back of your home adds to your landscaping and makes the front and back of your home feel more connected. A patio is a great additional space to entertain guests, or just spend time with family. Concrete can also be incorporated into garden pathways, retaining walls, steps, or bordered to improve the function and aesthetics of the space. There are many ways to incorporate concrete into your outdoor spaces, and the possibilities are endless. 

Resurfacing and repair

If your concrete repairs are minor, or you’re looking for a simple resurfacing over your existing concrete, Edmonton Concrete and Asphalt can help you out! They specialize in resurfacing and repair, giving your home’s concrete the boost it needs. While repairs can be an easy fix, concrete resurfacing can make a big difference. With the new layer of concrete, you could stamp a new design, add a new finish, or simply cover any old cracks with a smooth surface. Both concrete resurfacing and repair can transform your home’s visual appeal. 

Demolition and removal

Sometimes, your home has a concrete feature that has run its course. There might be damage to the concrete that is beyond repair, or you’re ready for a design change. Removing extra concrete can give you the clean slate you’re looking for, and allow you the opportunity to make a new plan for your landscaping. Edmonton Concrete and Asphalt offers this service.

Concrete Contractors in Edmonton

Edmonton Concrete and Asphalt is a licensed, multi-faceted contractor that provides a comprehensive scope of services throughout Alberta. They have experience and service in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. They specialize in concrete, asphalt and paving, parking lot maintenance, excavation, demolition, and epoxy surfaces service. 

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