Incredibly Unique Storage Solutions

Last week we wrote about the benefits of hiring a closet and storage solution company to help optimize your space, create functional and beautifully designed storage solutions and de-clutter your home. We found some designers who have created incredibly unique and at times stunning storage solutions for those looking for something for something really creative.

Modern vs. Traditional

An article in Hubpages described your home as a blank canvas. It suggests you decide on a style-choice, the suggestions being traditional or contemporary/modern, determine what you need the space to do, and then let the creativity begin! Here are a few images from that article:


Off-the-Wall Bookshelves

Although the digital realm made many avid readers fear and end to paper books, it seems it hasn’t and regular books are still collected and read. Here are some incredibly unique ways to store your beloved books while adding a touch of character and style to your home:

Store Things “Under the Bed” Like Never Before

Storage beds are now a thing. A captain storage bed can hold multiple rows of drawers for your clothes, luggage, kids stuff, or anything you want! Beds can be raised to include sliding or regular cabinets under the bed. Ottoman storage beds allow for the entire mattress to be lifted to reveal the area under the bed and the headboard can be used as a bookcase or be hollowed to store pillows and bedding.

Itty Bitty Storage Solutions

Everything has its space whether it’s big or small. Keeping clutter to a minimum on our countertops, desks and bookshelves can open up opportunities for creative design and give you a few DIY projects to tackle too! This blogger has found cost-friendly and unique storage solutions for the little things from items found at a thrift store or flea market.

Getting Started

Whether you are excited to embark on a series of do-it-yourself projects are want to hire a professional closet and storage solution company, there are so many creative things you can do to optimize and beautify your space. has an extensive directory of hardware stores, material suppliers, custom closet and storage companies and contractors that can help you create a functional and aesthetically pleasing storage space in your home.  Find what you need by browsing the trusted and accredited directory in your city:

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