Inexpensive Upgrades: 6 Tips for Bathroom Renovation with a Limited Budget

Are you a homeowner who’s dissatisfied with the state of your house? Your house might not be as comfortable as it once was, or the peeling paint and sagging door are becoming an eyesore. The solution to your dilemma is a home renovation.


However, home renovations can be pretty expensive. In Canada, kitchen renovations can cost around $40,000, and bathrooms can reach $20,000. In the US, the necessary bathroom renovations start at $15,000 and can reach up to $25,000.


For Australia, the average cost of bathroom renovations starts at $6,000 for small bathrooms, $15,000 for regular baths, and more than $25,000 for luxury bathrooms. No matter where you reside in, you have to prepare a considerable budget for renovations.


If you don’t have sufficient budget, but you’re in urgent need of renovation, these hacks can help you save money for your renovation project. Spend your money properly so you can still get quality results while spending less.


Major home renovations need the guidance of an expert, but if you’re doing minor ones, you can do it by yourself. You can do renovation activities like painting, gardening, minor repair maintenance with the help of informative articles from the internet and other free resources.

Repaint your Bathroom Walls


Paint can upgrade your bathroom and give it a fresh ambiance to make you more comfortable than ever. Remove old wallpaper, especially those damaged or stained by water. If there’s an existing layer of paint, remove all of it before applying a fresh coat of paint.


Remember that your moisture is a significant factor when it comes to painting. The bathroom is prone to mould and mildew, so invest in mildew-resistant paint so you can get results which will last for a long time.

Change your Shower Wall

If your shower wall is looking a bit shabby, maybe it’s time to replace it with inexpensive materials. You can check out sites like for ideas on shower wall materials like acrylic and fibreglass, ceramic and porcelain tiles, glass tiles, and stone tiles.

Renew the Look for Your Flooring

If you don’t have the money to replace your old floor, make do with the one that you have. For wood, you can sand and refurbish it to give it a fresh look. Apply varnish to protect the wooden floor from damage. If you have linoleum floor, you can replace it with inexpensive vinyl tiles.

Lose the Tiles

Check the existing tiles closely and remove broken ones for your safety. If your bathroom doesn’t need to top-to-bottom tiling, install it in a specific area of the bath and use it for accent so you can save money by limiting your purchase in tiles. You can also replace it with wooden boards or panels for a sleek and elegant look.

Reline Your Tub or Shower


Bathtubs can be expensive, with prices ranging from $2,000 to $5,000. Relining is a more cost-efficient option than buying a new one. Choose to reline also to save time because it only takes up to three hours to finish the whole process. It’s also safe, as long as you hire experts to do it for you.


Renovations are possible even if you have a limited budget. All you need to do is look for cost-efficient ways to save money, and if possible, do minor renovations by yourself. You can also browse online for helpful articles, or you can consult your friends with experience or knowledge in renovations.




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