Infill homes: the benefits and what to consider

Building a brand new, custom home in an old neighbourhood has many benefits. Infill homes, as they are known, let you choose an established lot in the right area to build your dream home. It also helps promote renewal in old communities, but there are some things to consider as with any custom home.

ICM in Edmonton is a professional and skilled new home builder and renovation company. They share more about the benefits of an infill home and what to consider before you build:

Pro: custom neighbourhood choice

Building a custom home in the perfect neighbourhood isn’t always an easy matter. Many developed lots that are ready for new home construction are far in the suburbs. Infill homes don’t have that problem because they are built on pre-existing lots in established neighbourhoods, closer to city centres. You can choose how big or small you want the space, or what features are important like nearby school or parks. Once you have your dream location picked out, building a new home is an easy matter. In some cases, homeowners might choose to demolish their current old home and replace it with an infill home.

Pro: Infills are encouraged and supported

Building new homes in mature communities helps keep those areas alive and thriving with new people and increased property values. It uses existing infrastructure and creates a diverse array of housing in older neighbourhoods. In Edmonton, choosing an Infill home is even encouraged with development incentives meant to help homeowners. Some even offer grants to help with the costs of a new custom infill. Given the cost of a custom home in general, extra help like that is welcome support.

Con: the house is new, not the land

There’s always a risk when buying older homes or, in this case, buying old land. Underground pipes connecting to your home and sewer may not be in top condition. That brings the risk of burst pipes and costly water damage unless a plumber does a thorough inspection. Damaged sidewalks or old overgrown trees can also take away from overall curb appeal. In addition to the cost of your new home, it’s important to factor in extra costs for any repairs or value-boosting changes. An experienced builder will help you investigate this issues. 

Con: It can take longer overall

Building a home from the ground up is a long process on its own, but an infill home can take even longer. Finding the right neighbourhood with open lots, getting the right permits, planning the design, and finally beginning construction all take time. If there is an old house on the lot, you’ll have to have it demolished and removed. If you want to move quickly, buying a ready-to-move-in home may be the better option. Otherwise, work with a trusted company that can help with the process and take away the stress. With the right planning and wait, infill homes are a great long-term investment. 

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