Insider tips and tricks for stone countertops

Stone countertops are an extremely durable and long-lasting choice to add to your kitchen renovation. There are many ways to add a unique look with different options like granite and quartz. And, with little maintenance and cleaning required, it’s guaranteed to be an excellent investment. 

Euro Tile and Stone in Ottawa is a well-established tile and stone company that can help you make the perfect selections. They share some tips when it comes to choosing the best stone countertop for your home:

Consider your edge options

Most countertops have squared edges as the standard choice, but it’s not the only look. The advantage of your countertop should reflect the design of your kitchen and your own needs. Bevel, for example, adds a subtle, angular edge that effortlessly adds new depth to the countertop.

A rounded edge is also a great choice. A rounded edge helps protect against any chipping and adds a gentle style. Rounded edges are also ideal if you have kids or plans to age-in-place down the road because it means you won’t have any painful bumps or run-ins with a sharp edge.

Choose from your personality

Typically, choosing a new countertop is a decision made around kitchen design or a hobby like baking. However, another way to choose is to pick based on your own personality. For example, if you love the look of elegance and something durable enough to stick around for some time, choose quartz. It offers the best of a smooth, marble-like appearance but with the robustness of granite.

Maybe you love the benefits of a high-end material but choose more budget-forward options. In that case, engineered stone offers just that. You can get the durability and appeal of natural stone but at a lower cost. Love unique features in your home? Concrete countertops do just that, with a sleek grey surface or customized with different concrete finishes to dress it up.

Get samples

Don’t pick a countertop from looks alone or just on a feeling. While that can help direct you towards what you want, make sure you also get samples. The way the material looks in the sun or against other colours in the room may change your mind. Having a sample (or three) will help with that final decision. Even examples of the same material but with different colours and designs will ensure you get the perfect look.  

Granite, Marble & Natural Stone Countertops in Ottawa

For 30 years, Euro Tile and Stone has been providing quality tile and stone services. They treat their clients like family, and to them, family only deserves the best. Whether you need new countertops, tile flooring, or just some expert advice, they offer thoughtful curation and impeccable service that keeps their clients coming back.

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