Inspiration for your next bathroom renovation

It’s no surprise many homeowners want their bathrooms to look their best. After all, bathrooms are among the most used spaces in the home, and a newly renovated bathroom drives up your home’s value. It also helps make your home easier to sell, should you want to in the future. When it comes to bathroom design, the sky is the limit. Before you get started, consider what functionality options your bathroom requires. Also, consider the aesthetic you have in mind.

In this article, Budget Renovations and Maintenance in Edmonton shares some bathroom renovation inspiration for your next upgrade.

Double Vanity

A double vanity isn’t something a bathroom needs, but it’s certainly a wonderful luxury if you have the space. Installing double sinks in a bathroom means whoever shares that bathroom doesn’t have to share the sink. This is ideal if one partner takes up much time in front of the sink, applying makeup or hair styling. A double vanity is also a great option when children share a bathroom. No more fighting over who gets the sink and mirror first!

New Tile

When you change or install new tile in your bathroom, you’ll give the space a whole new look. You can add tile to various places within your bathroom. For example, you can install a new shower or wall tile. Adding a new colour tile in your bathroom can brighten up the room. For a modern look, consider navy wall tile. Installing a honeycomb tile pattern in your shower also adds character. There are many tile styles and options out there. Talk to your contractor about what might work best in your bathroom.

Budget Renovations and Maintenance has over 26 years of experience developing old and new bathrooms. They can suggest a unique tile design that will make your bathroom shine.

Soaker Tub

If someone in your home enjoys a great bath, a soaker tub would be an excellent addition. With a soaker tub, you can bring the decadence of a spa day home. Spend time relaxing in a bubble bath with a book. Take time out for some self-care with this everyday escape. Soaking in a tub with Epsom salts is heralded as a great stress reliever. With an Epsom salt bath, you’re also getting adding health benefits. These include lymphatic support and a good dose of magnesium.

Bathroom Renovations in Edmonton

Budget Renovations and Maintenance is run by its owner, Cesar, who completes all bathroom renovations and upgrades himself. As a result, he can offer lower prices than other companies using multiple contractors to complete the work. Working with one contractor on a renovation from start to finish is also a significant advantage.

Budget Renovations and Maintenance specializes in working with homeowners, but they also work with landlords and property managers. In addition, this company is fully licensed, has up-to-date WCB coverage and provides a one-year workmanship warranty on all completed work.

Give Budget Renovations and Maintenance a call today!

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