Installing custom cabinets to maximize a small kitchen


Not every home is blessed with a large kitchen. You may be using creative ways to overcome this by storing things in other rooms, or constantly trying to keep the clutter in an organized fashion. If you are doing a kitchen renovation with limited space, installing custom cabinets can be a good way to add functionality. By working with Cucina Bella in Edmonton, you can benefit from custom cabinets in your kitchen by making the space not only more functional but beautiful too.

Utilize the entire space

Within your kitchen, there are a few creative ways to make storage solutions more manageable. For example, you can add upper cabinetry if you don’t have it already. By taking the route of custom cabinetry, you will be able to fit the cabinets to your space while also making creative choices that will benefit your family. If you have dishware that needs to be stored, you can design cabinets that will fit that need.

Another way to utilize the space is to take advantage of ceiling heights. Adding a pantry that may go ceiling-high, installing a cabinet above the refrigerator, or making wall cabinets extended higher can work great. It gives you more space without having to take down walls or make the space feel smaller.

Make the interior of the cabinets your own

Going further than adding cabinets on the wall, you can also customize the inside of the cabinets. There are an endless amount of choices to help your kitchen fit your family’s needs. For instance, in the base cabinets, you could include dividers to stack plates, divide silverware, organize Tupperware, or whatever it is your family needs to stay organized. This will give your kitchen a unique look, add to your kitchen’s aesthetic, and tie the space together.

Make your vision come true

The kitchen can be the centerpiece of the home. It’s a place where your family and guests gather. If you have a vision for what your smaller kitchen should look like, it can become a reality. Makeover your kitchen by considering custom cabinets. Custom cabinetry can be designed in any way you choose. You choose the material, color scheme, knobs, and design patterns if you so choose. You’ll have the opportunity to make the smaller space your own, and the problem of size will seem less important.

Custom Cabinets in Edmonton

Cucina Bella recognizes a need in the Edmonton area for quality cabinetry. They select Canadian cabinet manufacturers that produce superior quality cabinets with endless customization and material choice. Their certified NKBA designers create functionality by incorporating design style, vision and the lifestyle needs of their clients while providing education and guidance during the design process. They focus on beauty and functionality to make customer’s dreams a reality.

For more information, check out Cucina Bella today!

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