Installing Gas Systems & Appliances


Whether you’re installing a gas range, fireplace or barbeque; or there are issues with natural gas reaching your furnace, repairing and installing any gas lines in your home is a job that should be left to professional plumbers and gas fitters in Edmonton.  Natural gas is incredibly flammable and if not dealt with properly, could be very dangerous causing injury or even death.

Hazards for DIY gas line installation and repair:

Gas leaks:  A common cause of gas leaks is faulty installation of gas appliances and pipework. Though it may seem pretty simple, knowing which fittings to use can be tricky and using the wrong ones can lead to a dangerous leak.  If you detect a gas leak or think you need to replace or repair a pipe, it’s best to call a professional.

Fire and explosions:  Gas is highly combustible.  Your gas lines should be fitted correctly to ensure the gas is controlled and burning safely.  If a leak occurs, the gas can spread quickly and become very dangerous upon ignition causing a fire or explosion.

Carbon monoxide:  Carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous and nearly undetectable as it is odourless and tasteless.

“CO blocks the absorption of oxygen into the bloodstream from the lungs, and poisons the red blood cells so they cannot carry oxygen. If body tissues do not receive a constant supply of oxygen, they stop functioning. The brain is extremely vulnerable to oxygen deprivation. Most of the early symptoms of CO poisoning are the result of brain malfunction from the lack of oxygen.

Breathing CO in high concentrations can cause a feeling of tightness across the forehead, headache, throbbing in the temples, weariness or dizziness. If a person remains in the contaminated area, more serious symptoms will develop: nausea and vomiting, loss of strength and muscular control, increased breathing rate and a slowing pulse, and, eventually, death. Exposure to an extremely high concentration can cause rapid collapse and death within a few minutes.”

Canadian Safety Council

Gas emergencies.  While installing a gas pipe you could run into a gas emergency. If things go wrong, you want to have the know-how, tools and experience to fix the issue before it becomes hazardous.  Gas line installation companies in Edmonton have a comprehensive knowledge of your gas and mechanical systems.

Reasons to hire a professional plumbing & heating company:

You need to obtain a permit to install a new gas system. This includes installation of furnaces, boilers, ranges, cook-tops, clothing dryers, fireplaces, outdoor gas hook-ups and hot water heaters. Obtaining a permit can be quite involved and might include technical drawings of the proposed gas system and submitting a notification of completion, installation or alteration to the local safety authorities or municipal government.

When applying for your permit, they will make you sign a number of documents to prove you have knowledge and understanding of the gas installation project. This might include a review of the Safety Standards Act, completing a safety questionnaire, understanding terms and conditions and other documentation. A professional will take care of this step for you.

In addition to a permit, you will also need to show that you’re installing certified or approved gas appliances. It has to display a Canadian accepted label or certification mark. If you are reinstalling a gas appliance, a professional gas fitter but examine, certify and complete any necessary repairs before it can be installed again. You can find more information at Alberta Permit Regulation.

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