Installing plumbing fixtures that can save you money

If you are undergoing a renovation for your bathrooms or kitchens or just decided it’s time for an upgrade, then changing your fixtures can mean a lot more than just visual changes. With the right style, you can install fixtures that will save you money down the road, and still look great. 

Oceanside Mechanical in Vancouver share their tips on some money-saving fixtures that are worth installing:


Faucet water is the culprit for about 15-18% of household water consumption, but if you have a larger family, this number can easily increase. Low-flow sink faucets, however, can help slow the amount of water released per minute, by slowing the flow of water. Installing a new faucet is a quick and easy solution and doesn’t harm the performance of the water. Plus, by changing to low-flow in both your bathrooms and kitchens, you can save double the water consumption and save double the energy expenses.


Showerheads are another popular choice when it comes to updates or renovations, particularly as a finishing touch in a master bathroom. Unfortunately, showers are also the third biggest source of water consumption in a home. So, unless they are fitted with a water-saving showerhead, showers can consume upwards of 2.1 gallons per minute. Water-saving showerheads, however, are a simple addition that can save water without taking away from the visual appearance of your new shower. They simply reduce the flow of water, so that you can still enjoy your long showers, without sending money down the drain. 


If your home has an older toilet model and you notice your water bills are high, chances are the toilet is the source of all the expenses. As the number one culprit for water consumption, installing a new toilet model can drastically reduce your yearly water expenses. Particularly, since the average toilet uses about 4 gallons per flush, which is money down the drain. Newer toilet models are built to conserve water, but there is also the option to install dual-flush toilet models. This way, you have control over a full flush or half flush, to save even more water and expenses.

High-efficiency appliances

Investing in a good laundry machine or dishwasher is beneficial beyond just ensuring you get clean clothes and dishes. High-efficiency washers can double on saving expenses, by reducing both the energy and water consumed. They require less energy to heat the water and use less water per load of laundry or dishes, and not at the cost of cleanliness.

Plumbers in Vancouver

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