Integration and repairs on an older home automation system

Home automation can improve energy efficiency, convenience and lifestyle. With a touch of a button, you can control things like lighting, temperature, and your home security. Technology is constantly advancing, and these systems are getting better and better. But what if your home automation system is older?

Home automation features from even ten years ago can cause homeowners problems when they want upgrades or repairs. These issues are mainly because the older features don’t fully integrate as in new systems today. But, fear not, electricians in Calgary have solutions for you. Westland Electric shares more:

Problems with integrating

Integrating older home automation features, like lighting or temperature control, with each other or with new ones can be challenging. They might not function to work together or respond to the same commands. Essentially, the features in your home automation, old and new, are isolated from one another. They are unable to speak to each other.

Instead of re-wiring your home for an entirely new home automation system, you can bring in a “third-party” technology to integrate them. Technology like Alexa, for example, can talk to the various components of your home automation system. This technology is compatible and is smart enough to provide instructions to the different parts of your automation system.

Technology like Alexa can bring those things together so that you can control them all from one place. If you are not sure how it works, or what your options are for smart home devices, connect with Calgary electricians like Westland Electric.

Not LED compatible

LED lighting used to be expensive and considered a novelty at best. Things have changed. Now, LED lighting is commonplace in residential homes. Unfortunately, smart dimmers made more than three years ago or so won’t be LED compatible. An electrician can fix that for you. They will swap your old devices with compatible ones. Then, to get those smart dimmers to talk to the rest of your system, they’ll suggest a technology like Alexa or similar to help with integration.

Electrical malfunction

Like any system, your electrical system that wires the home automation system can require repairs and replacements. Faulty installation, poor quality wiring, an electrical short, or even a disaster like a flood or fire can cause the need for repairs. Your home automation system is completely interconnected to your main electrical system. An experienced and certified electrician must do these repairs. The best electricians in Calgary can find the issue and provide a safe and effective solution, so you can get your home automation features up and running correctly.

For more information on how an electrician can help you integrate or repair an older home automation system, contact Westland Electric in Calgary!


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