Interior design vs decorator: differences and who you need

Despite the terms sometimes being used interchangeably, interior designers and decorators provide two different services. Still, when planning a renovation, both design and decorating are equally important factors. Getting professional help can make a major difference, but it’s important to know who you need to hire.

CAPE Woodwork & Construction in Calgary provides just such quality interior design and decorating services. They share the difference between the two and how to know who you should hire:

Interior designer

A designer is there to help with the planning and design of the physical space and the interior details. They can help with floor and wall plans and maximize a room or building’s overall function and efficiency. Typically, designers will work with architects and contractors to ensure their client gets exactly what they need. Like contractors, an interior designer will know about any local building codes or fire safety rules. Both commercial buildings and residential homes can hire and benefit from the help of an interior designer.

Interior decorator

While there is some overlap with a designer, the main focus with a decorator is the room’s visual aesthetics. Once the area has been renovated and is ready to furnish, they are who you call. Decorating can cover everything from colour schemes, furniture choices, fabrics, or accents like light fixtures or artwork. You can work with an interior decorator even without renovating if a visual update is the main focus. Unlike a designer, interior decorators don’t work with architects or contractors. Instead, they work directly with the homeowner or client.

Who do you need?

To decide who you need, think about your project goals. Is it a physical change or a visual one? Interior designers are a great help when you are planning a renovation overhaul and need professional help with the plans. With their eye for function and efficiency, they can help ensure the renovation is tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

Suppose your home needs a visual makeover or you plan to sell. In that case, an interior decorator is a person to call. They’ll visually transform the space, giving it a much-needed update or add eye-catching elements that buyers will love. Aesthetic updates can also make the space more functional, especially if it is visually too cluttered. Changing colours or limiting or rearranging furniture can help open up and brighten a room.

How to make the most of either

It’s important to know your own goals and needs first to maximize the experience and help of either professional. Like planning a renovation and knowing what you want or need to be changed, the same goes for interior help. If it’s for a residential home, what is getting a change, and why? Is the function of a room lacking, either from a cramped floor layout or outdated visuals? Even commercial buildings can benefit from interior professional help, especially to boost workplace productivity or appeal to new customers. There’s also no rule against hiring both to help with a project from start to finish and maximize both professionals’ full benefits.

Interior Designer in Calgary

CAPE Woodwork & Construction provides beautiful transformations both inside and out. Their professionals can offer interior design and decorating to remaster your interior’s look and boost overall value. As for the outdoors, they can build stunning fences and decks for an outdoor oasis. No matter your needs, they have the services and professional help you need.

Contact CAPE Woodwork & Construction today!

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