Interior paint design tips and tricks

Picking the perfect paint colour for your home has many considerations involved in the decision process. There are other existing shades, the room’s size and layout, and even the furniture and décor. Paint can add a lot of value and visual appeal, but the wrong look can also take away.

JCSB Painting in Calgary is a professional interior and exterior painting company. They share some designs tips when it comes to picking the perfect interior colour:

Don’t shy away from neutral shades                                                                                                                                                                            

Neutral colours like beige and whites can be seen as plain colours that need to be repainted with something bolder. That doesn’t always have to be the case, especially if the room already has lots of colours. Sometimes, keeping the walls a neutral shade helps keep the attention on the décor or a focal feature like a fireplace. Neutral shades can do a lot to complement and accent other aspects, so don’t be shy about painting your walls something simple. 

Use the outdoors for ideas

Do you have a room surrounded by windows or a door that connects to the backyard, or a deck? In that case, use the colourful inspirations from the outdoors to connect the two spaces. Soft greens from plants can make for beautiful accents, or colourful shades from flowers will work well on a feature accent wall. Even the simpler earth shades will look well on the interior and help bring that natural connection to the indoors. 

Try paint with undertones

Paint doesn’t just have to be a solid choice of blue or green with other accent colours to add more variation. Some paints come with undertones that add much more depth and visual appeal to a room. Greys, for example, can come with blue or even green undertones that will catch the light throughout the day. Some beiges as well have tones of greens and soft yellows to add new interest to the shade. With undertone colours, make sure to bring home samples before you paint the entire wall. Natural lighting tends to reflect against the walls and change how light or dark the colour looks or what tones show. 

If you need help picking paint colours, trust a reputable and experienced painting contractor like JCSB Painting. Not only can they help you decide on a colour scheme, but they can suggest appropriate finishes and paint types as well.

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JCSB Painting prides itself on delivering quality and value with every job they do. Their professionals are experienced and focused on the little details, which helps ensure long-lasting results that never cease to satisfy. They offer painting advice, suggestions and handle both interior and exterior painting services. 

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