Invisible fencing keeps pets safe

If you’re looking for a fencing solution that will keep your four-legged family members safe, consider Invisible Fence. Invisible Fence of Northern Alberta services all of Alberta in the north and provides many quality outdoor fencing solutions that will create a boundary around your property that keeps pets in and out of danger. 

How does it work?

Invisible Fence uses an underground cable and radio frequencies to create an invisible boundary around your property. All your pet has to do is wear a collar. When your dog reaches the boundary of the fence, they will be reminded of that boundary with a warning tone and a gentle static correction.

Some training is required so your pet knows what the right thing to do is when they hear the warning tone. Training is provided by Invisible Fence Perfect Start certified trainers and is included with the purchase of your fence. In addition, flags may be placed on the property line to provide pets with a visual reminder of their boundary.

Boundary Plus Wired System

This system gives your pets the ability to roam, while still remaining safe in the boundaries of your property. This system is great for small yards that don’t want to waste space on a physical fence. In some cases, it gives pets 30% more space to roam. If you have a pet that likes to test the boundaries, this system will not give them mixed signals if they leave the yard and try to return. The boundary is based on time, not distance, so your pet will learn with training to stay close to home. Read more about the many benefits of invisible fencing. 

GPS Wireless System

If you live on a larger piece of land, the GPS Wireless System could be the choice for you because there is no limit to the size or shape of the design. Using satellite technology, this system gives your dog the longest range and most room to roam without any mixed signals. You don’t have to worry about your pet ‘breaking out’ because they’re on the other end of your property and the signal doesn’t reach. There are no lockouts that discourage your dog from returning to their safe zone should they test the system. This option is another safe solution to keep your pets contained within the boundary of your property.

Fence Contractors in Edmonton

Since 2015, Invisible Fence of Northern Alberta has remained committed to improving the lives of Edmonton pet owners and their pets. With more than 500 satisfied human customers, and the endorsement of neighborhood veterinarians, they’re passionate about working hard, so you can enjoy your pet more, and worry about them less. Invisible Fence of Northern Alberta is always here for you and your pet. 

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