Is a garden suite the right choice for your home?

Adding a garden suite to your home will add both value and income to your property. Garden suites are an increasingly popular choice among Edmonton homeowners. It’s important to first determine whether a garden suite is a right match for you and your property.

Northland Building Supplies in Edmonton is a professional and experienced garage construction company. They share some of the benefits and requirements of a garden suite, to help you decide if it’s right for your home:

Garden suites

Garden suites are built as a detached single or two-story unit in the backyard. Depending on where the suite is built, some may come with a garage, while others will not. As well, some garages are used for the primary residence and others are split for the garden suite and the primary residence.

Much like a basement suite, a garden suite is a self-contained living space with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom(s), and living room. Some homeowners add a garden suite to accommodate friends or family, like their aging parents, as opposed to renting the unit. Since the suite is in the backyard, it’s a perfect way to keep family close without sacrificing independence.

The benefits of garden suites

One of the main benefits of a garden suite is the increased privacy that both the homeowners and tenants will enjoy. Since the suite is separate for the primary house, there are no shared entrances or walls for sound to carry through. Even if the suite isn’t used as added income, simply having one will add new value to your home. Potential buyers will find garden suites just as appealing, giving your home an edge on the market.

Garden suites provide additional and versatile housing options in already established neighbourhoods. It allows renters to live in their own detached unit, without having to share common spaces with other tenants, as they would in an apartment building. Not only is it good for both the tenant and homeowner, it is also good for building communities and is an efficient way for cities to grow. Garden suites are also an ideal way to support grandparents moving in or adult children moving out. Because of the versatile use of a garden suite, it makes it a guaranteed investment no matter what. For some design ideas and inspiration, take a look at these stylish garden suites.

Is it right for you?

If you want to add a secondary suite to your home, a garden suite is ideal. Finished basements will always add value to a home, so you still enjoy the use of your basement and the monetary benefits of a garden suite. Before you build a garden suite, though, make sure it’s legal. There are various zoning bylaws and permits in Edmonton that must be approved before you can build a garden suite. To check your property for proper zoning, check to make sure your property is a match. This is also something Northland Building Supplies Ltd. can assist you with.

Garage Builders in Edmonton

Northland Building Supplies Ltd. provides over 30 years of experience when they build a garage or garden suite for you. Their expertise covers everything from garage construction, trusses, windows, and much more. Depending on your requirement and budget, Northland can work with you to make your dream a reality.

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