Is spraying or rolling paint better for your home’s interior?

Many decisions can go into painting your home’s interior. You’ll need to choose colours and textures while considering the trim and accents, and the cost of your project. Homeowners also have a choice between two main application methods for paint. These include rolling the paint on the walls or spraying the paint.

Polished Painters in Calgary are a new painting company who offers roll-on and spray-on painting services. There are pros and cons to each way of painting. Keep reading for more information!

Roll-on interior paint

If you need a simple interior paint job completed, you can hire painters in Calgary for roll-on applications. Rolling on the paint applies a thick single coating. This painting method is usually used for single-room painting. The trim and fixtures or cabinets can have painted rolled on, too. But these finishing touches are usually done with a brush. Rolling on paint is one of the most common methods. And the Polished Painters have completed a variety of projects with rollers. These projects include home and commercial space interiors.


– Roll-on paint is often the more affordable choice.
– It is also the more versatile choice.
– While both painting methods are messy, the simplicity of roll-on paint means you’ll risk less of a mess overall.
– Roll-on paint for interior renovations can be a quick process when you hire professional painters in Calgary like Polished Painters.


– Paint rollers can’t be used on small areas, in cracks and crevices, and overall has less reach than paint sprayers.
– If you need to paint a large area of a home’s interior or all of a new home, rolling can be painstakingly slow.

Spray-on interior paint

Spraying paint on interior walls can be useful when there is nothing else in the house. This is because there can be spray-back paint which can create a mess. Spraying is popular for home exteriors and new home interiors. If you do want paint sprayed on an older’s home’s walls, there are still ways to protect furniture and other things in your home. Sprayers are also useful when you need to paint floor-to-ceiling.


– Sprayers can usually reach where rollers cannot.
– Can make painting a new and empty house a quick process.
– When the right professionals are involved, like those at Polished Painters, spray-on paint can be faster than rolling.


– Is a more complex process. Paint sprayers require training before use.
– Not as fast as people may assume. The prep work can be time-consuming.
– Is often more expensive than rolling on paint.

Painters in Calgary

Polished Painters in Calgary are experienced with both types of painting. They offer their residential and commercial painting through roll or spray-on applications. Plus, they offer interior and exterior house painting. They can take on big projects, like whole-home repainting, and their expert team of painters can work on all the details. Polished Painters can repaint your home’s trim, cabinets, doors, and more. Their painting services in Calgary can make your home look new again, inside and out.

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