Is your furnace humidifier not working?

Although staying warm is a top priority when it’s cold outside, it is also important to maintain a certain level of moisture in the air. A properly working humidifier will maintain a comfortable level of humidity in your home. Usually, humidifiers have a hassle-free functionality, but only if they are well maintained.

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How it works?

A humidifier has a humidistat, which maintains the desired moisture level by suitably turning the humidifier on and off. When the humidistat senses that there is less humidity in the air, the humidifier solenoid valve opens up, allowing water to flow through the water panel, and turning on the humidifier fan. The water passing through the panel gets vaporized by the fan and is circulated through the furnace ventilation system. The water that is not vaporized exits the humidifier through a drainpipe. When the desired humidity is achieved on the humidistat, the solenoid valve closes and the humidifier stops.

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In most cases, humidifiers do not cause much trouble, again, bearing in mind only if they are well maintained. However, like all electrical appliances, even humidifiers can develop problems, such as:

Water not reaching the humidifier:

If the furnace humidifier is on, but no water is flowing through the water panel, there may be a problem with the water supply. Check the valve that supplies water to the water humidifier and test to see if water is flowing through, by disconnecting one end of the pipe. If water squirts, then there is no problem with the water supply, but if water does not squirt, then the main water supply may be clogged. Clean or replace the water supply pipe to solve this.

Humidifier fan blades are bent:

If you notice that one or more fan blades of the humidifier are bent, you should get them replaced before they damage the motor. Before buying new blades, get the manufacturer name and model number of the unit to ensure you get the correct parts. Once you have everything you need, follow these steps.

  • Remove the front panel that covers the motor

  • Detach the motor if necessary

  • Loosen the screws, set on the hub of the blade

  • Slide the new blades into the hub (make sure you tighten the screws properly)

  • Put everything back together

    When you turn on the humidifier and you hear a clicking or humming sound but don’t hear the motor run, then it may need replacement. You will need to replace the motor. Make sure you purchase the right motor of the respective manufacturer and then replace it.

    Another possible sign of a dysfunctional furnace humidifier involves a faulty humidistat. Whatever the problem is, if you don’t have enough experience or knowledge about furnace humidifiers, it is wise to call an HVAC professional to have it inspected and restored.


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