It’s Time to Enjoy the Dividends a Lighting Retrofit Can Provide

The days of incandescent hegemony are over. Today, those who don’t engage in a lighting retrofit to swap out their old energy devouring lights in favour of new, hyper efficient LEDs are shooting themselves in the foot. In a business setting where old fashioned lights are in play energy alone can comprise as much as 15 to 20% of a company’s overhead. That’s enough to make the difference between being competitive and being an also-ran. But slashing that number is just one of the advantages of a lighting retrofit. Let’s look at some of the other dividends you’ll enjoy if you take the retrofit plunge.


Adding up the Benefits of a Lighting Retrofit


Not retrofitting your company’s lighting scheme with today’s new ultra-efficient LED lights is roughly akin to stubbornly hanging on to your typewriter when word processing applications are available that will do a better job in a fraction of the time. It just doesn’t make business sense. For those who remain sceptical however, here is a short list of reasons why a retrofit should be on your to-do list for 2018:


  • They’re extremely low maintenance – When it comes to light fixtures one of the biggest maintenance costs involves the time and energy expended by your staff changing bulbs all the time. With LEDs however the bulbs you install today may not have to be changed for 15 or 20 years. Think about that for a moment. Not one penny spent swapping out bulbs for the next 2 decades.


  • They’re as green as they come – Over the course of the past few decades we have become painfully aware that earth’s resources are not infinite. If we are to leave our children and grandchildren a world worth living in we need to rein in our energy use starting yesterday. LEDs use approximately 10% of the energy a typical incandescent bulb uses. So what are you waiting for? Make a stand for your offspring by undergoing a lighting retrofit.


  • Higher quality light – Humans have gotten so used to awful lighting that we take things like glare and squinting to see – even in brightly lit facilities – for granted. But LEDs prove once and for all that artificial light doesn’t have to be low quality light. They produce light of such quality and clarity you may think it’s some kind of optical illusion. But it’s not. It’s the brave new world of lighting.


  • Safer lights – Incandescent and halogen lights can get extremely hot. This leads to untold numbers of accidental on-the-job burns every year. These burns don’t just hurt, they result in increased health care premiums and lost productivity as well. LEDs are always cool to the touch no matter how long they’ve been on. No more burns, no more fires, no more risk associated with your lighting.


  • Higher productivity – That cleaner, glare-free light we talked about a minute ago is not only aesthetically pleasing it also leads to higher productivity. Forklift operators no longer have to spend time sweating over the placement of products because they can’t see the location clearly. Those working on production lines no longer have to strain to see what they’re doing. Workers who can see are more productive workers.


  • Lower AC costs – Banks of fluorescent lights add quite a bit to the heat profile of the average office. Replacing them with energy efficient, always cool LEDs will make the office a naturally cooler, more comfortable place and reduce your reliance on air conditioning.


The Bottom Line


Talk to your local retrofit lighting pros to learn even more about lighting retrofits and start enjoying their many benefits today.

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