Keep the Spotless Look: 5 Tips for Cleaning Your Glass Windows

Cleaning your glass windows is one of those household chores that need to be done the right way. Otherwise, you’ll make the surface in a mess of streaks despite all your effort of reaching, spraying, and wiping. For sure, you wouldn’t want your glass windows to end up like that, right?


The secret in cleaning glass windows depends on the cleaning solution and tools that you’ll use. If you have the right stuff for cleaning your glass windows, you can guarantee that you’ll prevent your windows to have that streaks on its glass surface. So, for a little help, here’s a list of tips that you can follow in cleaning your glass windows properly.

Use Vinegar

If you think that vinegar is just ideal as an ingredient to flavor your food, you better think again. Vinegar is a universal ingredient that’s also excellent to include in your home cleaning solution, and it can do a great job of cleaning your glass windows. Well, it’s also affordable!


So, if you forgot to buy a commercial home cleaning solution or you want to save on your budget, vinegar is the perfect one for your glass windows!


Mix one glass of water and one glass of vinegar in a sprayer. Then, after you make this water-vinegar cleaning solution, you can now spray and wipe it on the surface of your glass window. The only catch with vinegar is that the smell stays for a while.

Choose Distilled Water



Some homeowners often fail to consider the water that they use in cleaning their glass windows. Choosing the ideal water to mix in your cleaning solution is essential because glass can reflect what’s the content of the solution. For instance, using diluted water can surely make a mess on the surface of your glass windows.


So, for you to prevent making a mess of your glass windows, it will do you good to use distilled water in cleaning it. Distilled water doesn’t contain the mineral contents that are typically present in tap water, so you won’t worry anymore about having that streaks on the window surface.

Don’t Use Paper Towels

You should keep in mind that you don’t include any paper towels in your bucket of cleaning supplies when it’s time to clean your glass windows. It’s because using paper towels for wiping are to blame for the linty streaks that are typically left on the surface of the glass.


Instead, you can choose to use a squeegee, a microfiber cloth, or a newspaper to wipe off the cleaning solution on your glass window.

Minimize Soapsuds

If you’re using a vinegar-and-water cleaning solution, suds won’t be your problem. However, if there’s too much dirt on the glass surface and you need soap to clean it, you should make sure that you minimize soapsuds in the surface.


Suds can leave residue on your glass windows, causing that annoying mess of streaks on it. Thus, you should see to it that you go easy with using soap. A little bit of soap will do to remove those dust and dirt off its glass surface.

Use a Microfiber Cloth for the Finishing Touches

Even if you follow all the tips mentioned above, there’s still a possibility that a few streaks will appear on your glass window. As such, it’s advisable that you do the finishing touches using a microfiber cloth.


With your dry microfiber cloth, you can do a quick buff on the surface of the glass window to remove those last streaks off of it. But if you find it hard to clean your glass windows, you can hire cleaners at the top rated cleaning service in Littleton for that purpose.


Cleaning your glass windows is not as easy as you think. There’s a proper cleaning method how to do it so that you avoid leaving streaks on its surface. You can follow the tips mentioned above on how to clean glass windows properly.






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