Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Discuss With Your Cabinet Painters

Our home is a statement to our personality. It showcases who we are and what we’re about, both on the exterior and interior of the house. One aspect in particular that has everyone raving is the style of their kitchen cabinets. Once a piece in the kitchen that wasn’t given much thought, the modern home connoisseur has managed to bring the cabinet into the limelight.

Of course, you want to make sure you stay up to date with your style as well. That being said, you plan on calling some cabinet painters in Toronto to get started on the job. Before they come in and go to work, however, you want to know all of your options so that you can tell them exactly what you want to be added to your kitchen. This article will help you do that by going over some of the cabinet choices. Read on to learn more!

Let Your Cabinet Painters in Toronto Know About Open Shelf Cabinets

There was a time when shutting your kitchen items behind a door was the best way to present them. Now, everyone wants their kitchen wares to be on full display, and the open shelf cabinet has become the answer to doing that.

As this is a recent style, the painters you hire will need to know of the best way to make such a cabinet stand out. Have them match the color of the cabinet to the utensils as well as the kitchen itself, so all of your kitchen items are highlighted on the shelves.

Think About Designing With Oak Wood

Going natural has never been easier, and one way that people have set out to do this is by using oak wood. oak is a naturally sturdy and pretty material, and when painted properly it will highlight your kitchen like no other cabinet could.

In most cases, going with a stain makes the oak wood cabinet stand out more than an actual paint job, and it will match with practically every kitchen style. Your painter would be able to finish the job quicker and at a lower price than an actual paint job.

Keep Things Simple With Clean Cabinets

Remember the days when people wanted cabinets will all kinds of intricate markings and designs? That’s not a thing in the new age. Everyone wants cabinets that are sleek and markless to emphasize the beauty in simplicity. That being the case, your painter needs to know how to make such cabinet designs stand out. Make sure they’re using neutral colors so that the cabinets match the scenery and are shown off to maximum effect.

Get the Cabinet That You Deserve

Now that you know what to tell your cabinet painters about the cabinet style you want, you need to find some cabinet painters in Toronto that you can trust to carry out the job to a tee. You can trust us to be the ones to do the job right.

At Platinum Pro Painters, we make it our mission to offer only the best services to our customers so they can get exactly what they asked for every time. We specialize in kitchen cabinet painting, refinishing, and refacing, as well as stair and ceiling painting for both residential and commercial buildings.

Make sure to browse through our site to learn more, or request a free quote to find out how we can best serve you. We look forward to giving you the impressive home that you deserve!

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