Kitchen design elements that add function and aesthetics

Kitchen design is just one part of a renovation equation, while function and aesthetics are the other half. As a key feature in any home, you want a kitchen that you love to be in as much as you love to look at. At Straight Line Contracting in Calgary, they understand that goal as a professional general contractor company.

To help, they share some key kitchen designs to add function and aesthetics to your renovation:

Countertop spacing and material are key

Never underestimate countertop space when designing your new kitchen, not only for cooking but also for storage. It’s one of those elements where less is not more! As a good rule of thumb, always plan plenty of space around any of your appliances. If you’re filling pots with water, you need a place beside the sink to put them. Likewise, you’ll want space around your stovetop for awaiting ingredients. Incorporating a kitchen island will also provide plenty of additional and general countertop space. That way, you’ll never find yourself without enough space to cook or prep.

The right material is another design element to consider for both culinary needs and required maintenance. Natural stone, for example, is a high demand choice for countertops. Not only that, buts it’s a very easy to maintain choice. If you prefer a touch of luxury, then marble or granite are both stunning choices. Otherwise, consider solid surface or laminate for a budget-friendly alternative.

Add a touch of design to your sink 

Like cabinets, sinks aren’t just there to serve a functional purpose; they play a role in design and style. A deep sink to fill pots, for example, can easily be matched with an elegant pull-down faucet. Choose matte black or polished chrome, to add an extra aesthetic design element. Matching the sink’s material will also go hand-in-hand with the colour of your countertop. Stainless steel, for example, is a very popular choice of material. It goes well with granite or quartz countertops and is easy to clean and maintain. A composite granite sink will likewise add that striking addition to your kitchen. Plus, it is resistant to heat, stains, or cracks for easy maintenance.

Be bold with your backsplash

A backsplash is both highly customizable as well as the final touch that really pulls a kitchen together. Practically, having backsplash will help with easing cleanup and protecting your walls from splatters and add visual interest. An important rule of thumb, though, is to complement your countertop and not clash with it. One option is to choose a colour that matches your countertops for a seamless blend between the two. If you want it to pop, choose a colour that compliments a simple countertop. Consider these beautiful backsplash designs to help inspire some ideas for your own kitchen.

Choose a focal point

When you walk into your kitchen, where is your eye naturally drawn? Is it that new backsplash, a new range hood or those ceiling height cabinets? It might be the little details such as the colour of your sink or the knobs on your cabinet doors. Whichever it is, give your kitchen a focal point to add a new level of interest and detail. Most of all, it will help pull the entire room together. Just be sure to stick to one focal point; otherwise, it becomes overwhelming.

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