Kitchen renovation ideas for aging in place

If you are thinking of staying in your home as long as possible, then you also want to consider what changes to make to ensure your home allows you to continue staying safe and independent. Bathroom renovations are commonly done to accommodate home retirement, but the kitchen is another room that should be kept in mind for renovations to ensure comfortable living down the road.

Ridgewater Homes Ltd. in Vancouver offers a range of renovation and design services. They shares their five tips on preparing an age-friendly kitchen for the future:


Slippery floors are the last thing you want to have to worry about as you get older. Falling as you get older risks more than just bruises, and can cause serious breaks. Vinyl, wood or linoleum are popular options as they are both slip-resistant and easy to clean. Cork floors are also slip-free as well as comfortable on the feet.

Install drawers instead of shelves

Rather than having to pull open heavy cabinet doors, consider installing drawers instead. Drawers are much easier to slide open and close, and easy to access over higher spaces. This also opens up the option of creating lower level storage spaces. Find more sliding drawer inspiration ideas.

Rounded counter top corners

If you are opting to replace your counter top with a new look, you may also want to consider installing one with rounded corners. Rounded corners not only create a new look, but they’ll also be child-safe for when the grandchildren come to visit.

Install a shallow sink

You don’t want to find yourself leaning far into the sink to retrieve a fork at the bottom or lifting heavy pots full of water from a deep sink. Plus, a shallower sink will make rinsing and washing dishes that much easier.

Lower switches and under-cabinet lighting

Lighting may not seem like a factor now, but as you get older, you’ll want to have both easy access to light switches as well as lots of lighting options. Installing lower switches will create easy access to the light switches, while installing dimmer switches lets you control how bright or dark the lighting is. Under-cabinet lighting will also help to illuminate what might be hard to see work spaces.

Major Renovations in Vancouver

Ridgewater Homes are experts when it comes to everything from renovations, building custom homes, planning design layouts and more. They are passionate both about their quality of work in transforming homes, and quality of care for their customers. Ridgewater Homes prides themselves in building and designing things to last, so if you are planning to age in place, they are the team for you.

Contact Ridgewater Homes Ltd. today to start your home transformation!

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