Kitchen renovations: tips for picking the right theme

There are a lot of steps, elements, and design planning that go into a kitchen renovation. While it can quickly become confusing and complicated, the best place to start is with a theme. Once you have that, the rest of the kitchen layout will fall into place much easier.

Mod Kitchens in Fort Saskatchewan is a custom kitchen renovation and cabinetry company. They share some tips to help pick the perfect theme for your kitchen:

Start with a budget

As with any renovation, having a clear budget in mind will help when deciding on the scale of renovations. New, modern updates will likely come with a bigger price tag. Small renovations focusing on appearance changes may not cost as much to do. Before you start, see what needs to be updated or changed in your kitchen. If the idea is just to change visuals for a new theme, calculate things like paint or new flooring. For updates to match a new theme, look into custom cabinet prices or the cost for new materials and appliances. Once you have a clear budget, you can continue your plans within the right price range.

Pick a feature

Kitchens aren’t limited to just one feature, but having that focal point is important in any theme. Common areas include the countertops, cupboards, and even appliances or the oven hood range. For example, a traditional theme typically focuses on natural wood accents either on the cabinets or the kitchen island. Modern kitchens use bright, bold colours and focus either on a feature wall or stylish appliances. Start by deciding what part of the kitchen you want to act as the feature, and then browse online through themes and ideas.

Look at materials and colours

Not all materials and colours will work together, so before blending ideas, start with a clear direction. Traditional kitchens with reclaimed wood and brown hues pair well with sleek, stainless steel appliances. Contemporary themes with granite countertops look very attractive when paired with cool blues and greys that complement and draw out the material. Browsing online is a great way to get ideas, but don’t forget about professional help. Kitchen contractors will have years of experience designing kitchens, so they likely have complimentary tips and ideas.

What type of upgrade is it?

Another important element is the reason for or type of upgrade you have planned. Besides the décor, paint colours, and appliances, your kitchen also serves a functional purpose. Does the layout still work, or is this a great opportunity to move appliances? Is the overall square footage enough, or would adding a few more feet be beneficial? How do you use the kitchen as well? Is it just for preparing food, or does it double as a socialization and entertainment space? Think about your lifestyle and daily needs while planning a renovation, and then work those elements into your new theme.

Kitchen Renovations in Fort Saskatchewan

At Mod Kitchens, you get a custom kitchen renovation at the right price, every time. They offer flexible financing options so that you can get your dream kitchen without having to wait. Their professionals are also available for any design help and can help you generate new ideas for your kitchen remodel. Whatever you dream, Mod Kitchens can build.

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