Kitchen Renovations with DIY Cabinets

Kitchen renovations have one of the highest return on investments compared to other home renovations. Even a minor kitchen renovation will recoup over 80% of it’s cost at resale. Not only will an upgraded kitchen be more enjoyable for you as the homeowner, it will also be attractive to potential buyers should you ever decide to sell your home.

DIY Kitchen Cabinets Edmonton

The biggest component of your kitchen renovation will be the cabinets. They are responsible for how your kitchen looks and how it functions.  Replacing your old kitchen cabinets can be an expensive undertaking but you’ll find it’s much more affordable if you do the installation yourself. You can purchase high-quality stock cabinets at Edmonton cabinet companies like DIY Cabinet Warehouse.

These cabinets come pre-assembled so you won’t have to worry about trying to put them together.  That means you can start your project as soon as you buy them, won’t have to worry about reading complicated instructions or missing parts. Learn how to install kitchen cabinets. 

Their cabinets are both doweled and glued together to make a solid structure. They have full backs and will not separate at the joints with wear or loading. The interiors are constructed of white melamine laminate which is bonded to the cabinet core by heat fusion. The cured surface is water-resistant and the interiors are low-maintenance, easy to clean and will withstand wear and tear for years to come. All cabinets, hinges, and drawer slides carry a Limited Life Time Warranty. This gives you great value and piece of mind knowing your purchase will provide many years of service.

Not only will you save money on installation, stock cabinets are more affordable than custom cabinets and other cabinet options. Since DIY Cabinet Warehouse offers a ‘no frills’ service, they are able to offer lower prices on their products. When you provide the ideas, measurements and look after the installation you will reap the benefits of your hard work through real savings on your purchase and your kitchen renovation!

Choose from a variety of in-stock cabinetry including Coventry Solid White, Traditional Oak Spice and Templeton Maple Cappuccino. You can also browse a variety of wood species from oak, maple, cherry, alder and other materials like thermofoil and melamine and have your favourite material and style ordered in.

To get started, all you have to do it measure your kitchen, vanity or laundry room area. Go into DIY Cabinet Warehouse and take advantage of their free in-person and professional design and costing service. Order your cabinets and when they’re ready, pick them up pre-assembled, ready for you to install!

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