Kitchen vs bathroom remodel: deciding where to start  

With both kitchens and bathrooms offering a high ROI, it can be hard to know which one to renovate first. Kitchens are referred to as the heart of a home, but bathrooms are essential too. When it comes time to decide, consider both your home’s needs and your lifestyle.

Talee Renovations in Calgary is a professional remodeling company for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. They share some questions to ask yourself to help you decide where to start those renovations:

What’s your budget? 

The cost for a kitchen vs a bathroom renovation will be quite different, especially if it’s a luxury renovation compared to a mid-range. According to Remodeling Magazine’s cost vs value, an average mid-range kitchen remodel will cost $68,490 and recoup 58%. A mid-range bathroom remodel will average $21,377 and recoup 64%. Both will regain a lot of the cost and add significant value to the house, but your budget will play a deciding role. If both rooms need remodeling, then consider a more cost-effective minor renovation and focus on specific changes. Repaint worn kitchen cabinets, add a new tiled backsplash or resurface the floors to make everything look brand at a lower price.

What will take longer?  

Keep in mind that while the bathroom or kitchen is being renovated, you likely won’t have access to the room. If you have other bathrooms in your home, that may not be as big a disruption as the kitchen. Remodeling a kitchen also takes longer than a bathroom. Depending on the scale of work, it may take at least two months to do. Take the time to plan where and how you will eat while the work is being done. If you work from home, that may take more planning than being away most of the day at an office. If the timeline just doesn’t work, start with a bathroom remodel and focus on the kitchen later or see what can be DIYed. 

Where do you spend the most time? 

If remodeling isn’t for resale value but a lifestyle change, then focus on your own needs and what ou want. Is it cooking, entertaining around the island, or enjoying a spa day in the bathroom? Whatever it is, choose your renovations to accommodate those enjoyments.

You can also focus the renovations on what is lacking, such as more counter space or an updated shower. Once you decide, make sure to choose value-boosting materials. For example, quartz is a favourite among homeowners and a very durable material for countertops. At the same time, luxury vinyl tiles are an attractive and valuable choice for flooring.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations in Calgary 

Talee Renovations pride themselves on taking personal care into each project that they handle. Safety, quality work, and long-term value are always guaranteed when you work with them. They offer beautiful kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodels for your home with guaranteed satisfaction.

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