Knob and tube replacement: the importance of this service

Keeping your home up to date is not only about maintaining its value but also ensuring overall safety. With older homes, in particular, historical charm only goes so far. When that same historical element includes the electrical wiring, a modern update is definitely in order.

Connco Electric in Winnipeg is a professional electrical company for commercial and residential needs. They share more about knob and tube wiring and why a replacement is so important:

What is knob and tube wiring?

Knob and tube wiring was once a common type of electrical wiring used in homes built before the 1950s. The wiring itself was made from copper and installed throughout the walls and ceilings. An easy way to check if your home still has this system is to check the basement for porcelain cylinders installed in holes in the wooden floor joints. While once common and perfectly suited to 90’s electrical demands, that same wiring is not safe or suitable for modern-day needs.

There’s a higher risk of fires

Two main risks and differences with knob and tube wiring are that there is no ground wiring, and the insulation uses rubber. Without ground wiring, a short circuit or faulty wire can quickly spark and cause a fire. That same spark can also spread and catch fire in more than one area, resulting in severe damage and costs. Today’s electrical wiring always includes ground wiring and possibly short circuit protection or extra measures.

Rubber insulation is another problem area and potential fire risk. Electrical currents need space to dissipate the heat that builds up during use. With rubber, that heat eventually will wear the insulation down and leave the wires exposed. Once that happens, sparks and fires can occur with little or no notice and more frequently.

Not enough electrical support

As mentioned, knob and tube wiring was outfitted to serve 90’s era electrical needs. The electrical demands in a modern home between appliances, home security, lighting, entertainment, and more are just too great. The system could overheat, damage appliances, and very likely end up costing more in monthly electrical bills. Even if a replacement seems costly, the long-term savings and benefits are well worthwhile.

Issues with insurance

As a result of knob and tube wiring safety hazards, insurance companies are less willing to take the risk of insuring your home. If something does happen, any damages and repairs could come straight out of your pocket. Likewise, if you are planning to sell, you may find that buyers are less eager to choose your home. That’s why hiring a professional electrician is so essential. They can inspect your home to determine the best replacement and then handle the work. That means your home is safer, the work is insured, and insurance companies will be more open to protecting your home.

Electricians in Winnipeg

At Connco Electric, their top priority is to provide safe and affordable electrical services for your home or business. Whether you need a knob and tube replacement, an electrical upgrade, or just maintenance, their professionals can help.

Contact Connco Electric today for quality electrical services! 

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