Knowing when to call a professional: bad-smelling drains

Having bad odours emanating from your sinks and drains is unpleasant to say the least, and definitely should be fixed fast. Some sewer-like smells are the source of easy fixes that you can solve on your own, such as trapped food. However, other smells may be warning signs of a more serious problem that requires professional help.

AA Johnny’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service Ltd. in Edmonton offers services for all needs from plumbing to drain cleaning, and gives their advice on knowing when to call a professional:

Smelly sinks and dry p-trap: no problem

A p-trap is the curved drainpipe located underneath the sink. If you notice sewer or sulphur like smells are coming from your sink, it likely means that the p-trap has dried out. Normally, the p-trap captures water to act as a plug to keep out odours. But either from lack or use, or a break, a dried out trap can’t do its job. Pouring water down the drain will reengage the trap and should fix the issue without the need for a professional. Try these easy drain cleaners you can make at home.

Gurgling sinks and venting troubles: call a professional

In addition to a p-trap, pipes are built with venting pipes to prevent sewer gas from leaking back in. If your p-trap isn’t the problem, but you still smell sewer, it might be a matter of ventilation problems. These pipes normally run along your roof, so they can easily become clogged. Signs of this can include slow draining, definite sewer smells, or gurgling noises from a partially clogged vent. This may be the result of debris clogging the vent or a block on the roof and requires the help of a professional to safely fix.

Sewer line issues: call a professional

If you find yourself with bad smells, clogs, and gurgling sounds all around your home, you should call a professional. A combination such as this, may be the sign of a more serious problem arising from the sewer lines. A professional will be able to fix the problem, and avoid the risk of sewage floods in your home.

Drain and sewer cleaning in Edmonton

AA Johnny’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service have been helping clear clogged drains and replace broken faucets for over 30 years to ensure homes stay flood free. They also provide emergency services 24/7 and put client satisfaction first with their services and care.

Don’t hesitate to call AA Johnny’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service today for any plumbing concerns!

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