Landscape designs to create the perfect outdoor living space

Now that summer is on its way, it’s time to tackle a landscaping project. It’s time to sit down and think, what do you want in your outdoor space? Space to entertain? Somewhere to come to unwind? No matter the case, it’s always important to first plan out what it is you want your space to look like before jumping headfirst into the project. From the landscapers at Abba Landscaping in Vancouver, here are some different landscape designs to create the perfect outdoor living space.

For entertaining, consider a patio or deck

The addition of a patio or deck is a great feature for any home. The space allows for more room to entertain guests and give you the chance to embrace the outdoors while you can in the warmer temperatures. Patios and decks can be designed to fit your home and the needs of your family, making it custom in appearance and function. With a deck, there’s also the possibility for the addition of covered spaces, benches, flowerbeds, hot tubs, or anything else you want to add.

Patios or decks don’t only have to be for the accommodations of others; it’s for your enjoyment too. Building a secluded space in your yard will give you privacy and make that space feel like an escape from everything around you.

For relaxation, embrace nature

If you’re looking for an outdoor space to come and relax, there are many landscaping designs to consider. Including flowerbeds is a great start. You can choose the color scheme you wish and use that to add color to your outdoor space. Another idea that many homeowners do is have a garden. Not only is growing your own fruit or vegetables a way to save money, but it can create a lively space. There are other things you can use to ramp up the natural component, such as the inclusion of birdhouses, birdbaths, feeders, or fountains. Installing a fountain will make your yard feel that much more relaxing.

Tie it all together with a walkway

Designing a walkway or path within your yard or between the front and back will add curb appeal to your home. It also makes the outdoor spaces feel more connected to each other. For walkways, you can choose the material, whether that be a kind of stone, wood, or concrete, as well as the overall look. It’s all in the design, and what you want your outdoor space to look like.

Landscaping in Vancouver

The landscapers at Abba Landscaping strive to satisfy their customer’s needs by creating high-quality garden landscapes and outdoor areas in Vancouver, BC, and providing excellence in their different services. They will not only help you plan but make your vision become a reality.

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