Landscaping designs for outdoor living

Landscape designs can be done with several different reasons and goals in mind. For example, that can be to boost curb appeal, create a garden oasis, or create a new outdoor living space. Depending on your lifestyle, outdoor living designs can look different. At the core, though, there are a few basis layouts to always consider.

The Calvary Construction Group in Vancouver is a professional landscaping company with over 20 years of experience. They share some designs tips for your new outdoor living space:

Use pathways like hallways

To make the process easier, think of your backyard like the interior of your house. To get from place to place, you need hallways or pathways leading you there. Using natural stone to create winding paths will help create that sense of direction and layout in the new design. Even a blend of formal and informal paths, like steppingstones or solid natural stone, creates an attractive display. You can still enjoy a garden-themed backyard, with specific areas for eating or socializing.

Create “rooms”

Once you have the pathways in place, it’s time to create the “rooms” where those paths will lead. Outdoor living is typically more casual and informal than interior spaces, but they still need to be clearly designed. Furniture, seating, or appliances only define where the outdoor space is intended. Decks, arbours and even fences help build walls and visual separation that create that sense of specific rooms. That way, you can really customize what “room” is for the seating area or for food preparation and dining.

Have seat areas and visual spaces

Outdoor living doesn’t just mean that your entire yard has to be a space to socialize and sit. Adding in areas of visual interest can help break up the space and welcome even more relaxation. Big or small water features are both visually interesting and audibly relaxing for many people. The sounds of moving water encourage less stress and more relaxation and even improve mental health. Plant features, such as large trees or flower beds with retaining walls, are other great additions. Colourful flowers are appealing to look at and can attract birds, bees, and butterflies for an added touch of nature.

Have multiple patios

Don’t feel limited to having one patio for seating or for an outdoor kitchen and seating. Multiple patios let you spread out the design and better mimic an interior layout. Have one patio for the living room seating area and another for the outdoor kitchen and appliances. The two can be combined with a pathway or, if built on different levels, connected by a staircase. A third patio can even act as a pure relaxation space around an outdoor feature, like a fireplace or pond. Start with deciding how you want to use your outdoor space and then work within your yard’s size—and with a professional!

Landscapers in Vancouver

The Calvary Construction Group prides themselves on building stunning designs that are long-lasting and add value for years. Their landscape designs and outdoor living are unique, creative, and will perfectly suit your home and needs. Whatever outdoor designs or needs you have, their professionals are the ones to call.

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