Landscaping ideas for a fresh outdoor living space

Are you looking for a fresh approach for your outdoor living space in 2023? Here are some ideas from Earthworm Landscape Design Co. in Edmonton:

1. Go Wild

It is no secret that native plants are essential to a healthy world. Try them in one of those underused places like the back alley or the side of the house, or be brave and take out some lawn! Treat it like any other garden and improve the soil first – don’t just scatter seed on existing vegetation and expect amazing results. Go to the Native plant sellers near you and choose 5 types of their suggested “best bets” to optimize your success. Once they have taken root, you will be amazed at how little care they need.

2. Go Vertical

People’s gardens are getting smaller, and if you love plants, you need to get creative! Arbours and trellises are wonderful ways to add interest at eye level and above. As a bonus, the structural components are still there for the winter season and are great roosts for birds as they eat the seeds from the vines. Dividers allow you to have a private shady nook or backdrop for furniture on one side and a place for growing vining flowers and vegetables on the other side.

3. Go Comfortable

A key trick to get you outside more is to have the coziest space possible. Get rid of anything that is uncomfortable, unpleasant or “serviceable.” An armchair and footstool with a tiny table for your coffee might be all you need. A storage box for the cushions and throws means you can set it up in seconds. Plug in a mug warmer or a percolator and relax.

4. Go For Charm

Invade the RV stores and find outdoor carpets and patio lights. Get one lovely antique-looking planter and fill it with strange and unusual houseplants. Hang a chandelier in your gazebo. Make a beach filled with playground-quality sand beside your patio. Never underestimate a prettier gate! Keep the projects small and fun.

Download their awesome idea planner at Dream and scheme your way to spring!

Landscape Design in Edmonton

Earthworm Landscape Design Co. brings your dreams to reality! They offer complete landscape design services that ensure you get the most out of your outdoor space. You’ll understand how things are built and what is required to maintain your landscape when it is complete. For landscape plans and garden consultations, trust the professionals at Earthworm Landscape Design!

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