Landscaping options: renovate or overhaul?

It’s not often that people talk about “renovating the yard,” but the phrase is accurate. Redesigning or landscaping your yard is the same as renovating the interior of your home. Sometimes it’s to update the look, and other times it’s to gut everything and start over. Knowing when to renovate your yard or start fresh with a full overhaul can save a lot of time, stress, and unnecessary costs.

Mohr’s Landscaping Services in Edmonton are a professional landscaping company. They offer both landscape designs and yard overhauls and share what option is best for your home:

Start with the problem

Before deciding anything else, take a look at why your yard is failing. If weeds are constantly springing up or plants keep dying, it may be a problem with the soil. Testing the soil is a simple matter of using a pH strip to check for any missing nutrients. You can also DIY test the soil without a pH strip. Other factors, like the right amount of sun or clean water, can also be affected by the space’s layout. Is a big tree blocking sunlight? Maybe excess water run-off is bringing contaminated water to your plants. There are a few reasons, so before settling on an overhaul, ask a professional landscaper to come in and help.

Is the whole yard in trouble or just part?

Keep in mind that a complete yard overhaul, while the results are worthwhile, may cost more. Mohr’s Landscaping Services will remove the existing landscape first to create a clean slate to work with. From there, landscape design, new retaining walls, or flower beds will need to be planned and installed. With the right budget, this can be a stunning transformation, but only if the whole yard needs it. If only parts or half of your yard is looking worn-out or is failing, just replace that section. It’ll save more time and money and let you focus on restoring the areas that need it.

Increase curb appeal or boost value?

A final question to ask yourself is whether you want your yard to help boost curb appeal or add new value. If you are planning to sell, then both options are important to have. Otherwise, simply boosting curb appeal can still help bring back that missing value to your home. The timeline for either option is something else to consider. A curb appeal boost can be done faster, especially with the help of a professional landscaper. New flower beds, retaining walls, or pathways can help draw attention to the layout or highlight your home.

A full overhaul will take longer, likely weeks, depending on the scale of work involved. The old yard will need to be completely removed and stripped to the soil for a fresh start. Then, new plants and landscaping designs will be installed. That said, the long-term payoff and added value can make it a well-worthwhile investment if you’re planning to live in your home for a long time. Both a landscaper and a real estate agent can help with the decision.

Landscapers in Edmonton

No matter the size of the project or the work involved, Mohr’s Landscaping Services guarantees stunning results. Their professionals offer both residential and commercial services with custom solutions for either need. From retaining walls, grading, plant installation, and more, they provide work that will last for years.

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