Landscaping Trends

The hottest trends of landscaping in Edmonton start with RenovationFind Certified landscaper in Edmonton. Concept, design, execution are all aspects of working with the right landscape contractor and you should find the best designer that works with your ideas to make them practical, achievable and  beautiful.

Gardens are ephemeral; meaning constantly changing as your life stage changes. A life stage landscape design could help shape your backyard design to incorporate your ultimate vision. Here are some of the latest landscaping trends:

Yoga garden or meditation space: 

Create a space for relaxing and meditating with outdoor audio equipment, draped curtains off a pergola, running pond-less waterfall, which attracts birds, squirrels and other wildlife.

Outdoor kitchens:

Build an outdoor kitchen for that backyard chef in the family with  concrete or granite countertops complete with outdoor refrigerated wine bar, outdoor  sinks, built-in BBQ, grill, smoker or pizza oven.  You can build these outside on a patio or overlooking your landscape with a deck addition.

Kitchen gardens:

These gardens can include edibles such as vegetables and fruits like blueberries, saskatoons, raspberries, strawberries, honey crisp apples, crabapples, plums, apricots, pears, honeyberry, grape varieties, even Issac kiwi. There are quite a bit of new varieties coming out every year suited to our climate in Edmonton.

Kid friendly flower garden: 

Get your kids digging in the dirt and learning about how plants grow with their own garden in the yard. You can use with native drought resistant plants. An eco-friendly, native plant garden can harvest rainwater to help with that watering regime. If you use an underground storage area you can keep the water cool, and moving through the use of a pump in a nice bubbling water feature. This will prevent the water from getting stagnant, and if built correctly can include a hose to water your plants, or even run your irrigation system.

Home automation and gardening technology:

You can connect your outdoor space with self mowing technology such as the new husqvarna automower capable of mowing 1.5 acres. Connect your outdoor landscape lighting, hot tub, outdoor audio speakers(which look like real rocks), waterfall pumps, security fencing, BBQ equipment  and outdoor media center to your cell phone. If you want to extend your time outside you can include a covered deck area, complete with patio heaters and screened in bug screens.

Indoor plants & landscaping: 

If you don’t have an outdoor space you could always bring the outdoors in. Ask your landscaper if you can supply and install indoor water walls feature or design a living plant wall and preserved moss wall for you in your home.  Indoor plants can clean the air and can promote the balance of nature and a sense of peace.

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