Landscaping upgrades to consider


With the outdoor season upon us, it may be time to upgrade the exterior of your home. Landscaping and hardscaping fixes will spruce up the curb appeal of your home, and make your outdoor space somewhere your family and friends can enjoy for months and years to come. So where do you begin? Here are some landscaping and hardscaping upgrades to consider, from Fantascapes Landscaping & Bobcat Service in Edmonton.

Designing the overall landscape

Firstly, landscaping your property requires planning. Drawing out a plan will help get you started with making these decisions, and creating your vision. Now more than ever, people want their yards to be an extension of their homes. Creating a space to entertain and enjoy at home has become more enticing than spending money to go out.

There are many different factors to consider when planning and shopping, including the following:

– The size of the yard
– The level of maintenance necessary or desired
– Plant installation – choosing different trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and grasses.
– Tree removals
– Sod or seed installation
– Topsoil or gravel bases
– Rock or wood mulches

All of these changes are something worth considering when changing your landscaping. Of course, budgeting comes into play, and some changes may require more money than others. There are, however, different ways to save money with certain materials or staging things in a logical order. This list can act as a starting point for changes to consider making. For inspiration, check out these beautiful backyard ideas.

Including hardscaping features

Hardscaping refers to the structures and features included in the yard. This would include things like fire pits, patios, decks, retaining walls and so on. Most landscape design plans incorporate hardscaping.

Some different hardscaping projects to consider include the following:

– Changing the walkway or driveway
– Installing a patio
– Steps or partition walls
– Decks, gazebos and pergolas
– Fencing, arbours, and trellises
– Fire pits
– Fountains, waterfalls, or ponds

While some of the features on this list are more extravagant, sticking to the basics can be a good change too. Creating an outdoor space, like a patio or a deck, can be a simple way to add functional living space and increase resale value. Also, choosing products that meet your esthetic desire as well as maintenance considerations should be well thought out. Blair’s 30 years of experience and professionalism will ensure that proper planning and execution are carried out.

Landscapers in Edmonton

Fantascapes prides themselves on providing exceptional quality and service to their clients. Fantascapes is a leader when it comes to design and installation. Whether you are in the process of considering an entirely new design or transforming a piece of your existing exterior, Blair and his team will assist you through the process, staying with you until your “Fantascape” is complete. Their personalized hands-on approach, attention to detail, and custom modern landscapes will make doing business with them an enjoyable experience.

To make your “Fantascape” come true, visit Fantascapes Landscaping & Bobcat Service today!

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