Lawn Maintenance: Granular vs. Liquid Fertilizer

Fertilizing your lawn is like feeding it. It will provide your lawn with all the nutrients it needs to grow lush and healthy. Typically, fertilizer is made up of three main components: potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. Potassium helps prevent disease and helps your lawn in drought. Nitrogen makes the grass grow and have a vibrant green colour, and phosphorus creates healthier roots and promotes seedling growth.

There are two types of fertilizer on the market: granule and liquid fertilizer. HHS Contracting Inc. in Edmonton uses locally sourced and produced granular, slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. They share the benefits of using this product over the liquid counterpart:

Why granule fertilizer is better than liquid fertilizer.

There are many reasons why a quality granule fertilizer is superior to a liquid fertilizer. If you are taking care of your own lawn maintenance, instead of hiring a company that offers lawn maintenance in Edmonton, you will find granule fertilizer easier to spread and apply. This is because you can visually see the fertilizer as you apply it to the lawn. You will never see liquid fertilizer or know if you’re applying it correctly or evenly. If not applied properly, fertilizer can kill grass. Granule fertilizers are less likely to cause damage to your lawn, especially if they are slow-release.

Slow release granular fertilizer is much more effective during hot and dry conditions during the summer than liquid. Liquid fertilizer can evaporate in the heat or become even more diluted from the rain or watering. Plus, liquid only lasts about two weeks while granular can be active for 4 to 6 weeks. This means you’ll have to fertilize less, saving you both time and money.

Liquid fertilizers are concentrated chemicals that have water added to create the product you buy on the shelf. There is no sure way to know if the concentration of fertilizer is correct. The more water a product has, the more profit the company makes and that means less fertilizer for your lawn.

If you’re fertilizing your lawn yourself, granule fertilizer is the most cost-effective option. You can purchase slow release fertilizer at the hardware store for less than liquid and with investing in an inexpensive spreader, be set for good lawn care for years to come.

Property Management & Lawn Maintenance in Edmonton

HHS Contracting Inc. is a reputable property maintenance company in Edmonton, serving the city and surrounding communities. They offer a wide range of property and lawn maintenance services for all services to residential, commercial and industrial customers.  They have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and with RenovationFind.

All their Service Packages offer a full complement of lawn maintenance services.  They don’t sign you up for lawn cutting and then tack on extras for bagging, fertilizer applications, power raking, etc. and they also don’t force you into services you may not want.  You pay one All-Inclusive price which pays for all the services your need and want and all their Service Packages are full customizable.


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