Learn about different window types for your home

Replacing your home’s old, drafty windows will increase energy efficiency, decrease your monthly heating and cooling costs, boost curb appeal and even your home’s resale value. If you’re thinking about a window replacement, you have plenty of options.

Gienow Renovations in Edmonton has a huge selection of window styles and accessories. They can help you find a window style that best matches your home’s configuration and design as well as your needs for function. Here is some information on window types:

Casement & Awning Windows

Casement and awning windows open to the outside of the house, attached by a hinge at the top or on the side. This type of window is great for maximizing views and since the window panel is open to the outside, it can help catch the cool breeze and increase ventilation in your home during the warmer season. Casement and awning windows are available in vinyl, aluminum clad vinyl and aluminum clad wood materials.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a good choice for your upstairs rooms, because the entire panel can be removed and cleaned without the need for ladders or climbing up on the roof. They are also good for areas that look out onto a deck or patio since they don’t open outward and create a hazard in high-traffic areas. They offer a simple, traditional look and are a cost-effective option. Sliding windows are available in vinyl and aluminum clad vinyl materials.

Picture Windows

Picture windows, also known as fixed or direct-set windows, do not open and are ideal for letting in a lot of natural light and providing great views of your yard. You can combine a picture window with another type of window that open and closes to maximize both style and function for that space. Picture windows are available in vinyl, aluminum clad vinyl and aluminum clad wood materials.

Bow, Bay and Specialty Windows

Add a touch of style and design with a bay, bow or specialty window. A bay window typically has three window panels with two angled on the side and a straight window in the middle. A bay window has 4 or more window panels in a radial formation to create additional indoor space and great access to views. These windows are used to expand your living space with a countertop, shelf or floor space and are available in vinyl only.

If you would like to have a speciality window custom made, Gienow Renovations can do that too! Your custom-shaped window can come in a variety of stylish designs, colours and frame materials. Find inspiration with these custom window design ideas. 

Window Companies in Edmonton

Since 1947, Gienow Renovations has been manufacturing and installing beautiful, high-quality windows and doors. With their head office and manufacturing plant located in Alberta, they understand Canada’s harsh climate and use that knowledge to provide a wide range of products that can outlast the conditions. If you have more questions about the type of windows you should install in your home or to get a free quote, contact Gienow Renovations!


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