Learn about Ornamental Fencing

What is ornamental fencing?

Ornamental fencing is an elegant fencing style that used to be made of wrought iron, but can be manufactured using other metals like aluminum and steel. Centuries ago, it was blacksmiths working the iron into fencing. The manufacturing process has modernized and fencing contractors like First Class Fencing in Calgary can design and produce an ornamental fence much easier and faster. Even with more efficient production and installation, durability and aesthetics are just as great as they were back then. With ornamental fences, you don’t have to compromise strength and function for style. You’ll get all three.

Why choose ornamental fencing?

Aesthetics: Ornamental fencing is very attractive. It comes in a range of styles including classic, majestic and genesis-style. First Class Fencing can also provide a totally custom fence design and installation as well. Traditionally, ornamental fences are black but custom powder coatings are also available. An ornamental fence can really highlight and show off the landscaping around your property. Find inspiration with these ornamental fencing ideas. 

Longevity: An ornamental fence can pass the test of time with little to no maintenance required. Unlike a wood fence, that needs to be stained or painted, your ornamental fence will fair the weather without losing its aesthetic appeal.

Security: Ornamental fences are strong. They deter intruders because of their strength and because it’s nearly impossible to climb. A classic ornamental fence has a sharp point on the upward of every slat, which is very discouraging to fence jumpers. If you’re concerned about security, choosing a fence style that has thicker and taller pickets can make the fence even stronger. There’s a reason this type fencing is used to protect multi-million-dollar properties.

Added Value: An ornamental fence is a high-end enhancement to your home. It will boost your curb appeal and make your home more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell. An ornamental fence installation can add resale value to your home and give a good return on investment over time.

Fence Contractors in Calgary

First Class Fencing is a locally owned and operated fencing company specializing in standard and custom-built fences in Calgary and surrounding area. They offer a wide range of fencing options for residential, commercial, farm and agricultural fencing. Choose between wood fencing, vinyl, acreage and agricultural fencing products, architectural, ornamental fencing and chain link fences.

If you want an ornamental fence, or what to research more fencing options for your project, First Class Fencing can help.

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