Learn About Three Types of Home Lighting

You’re building a home or maybe considering a major home remodel. Have you given the electrical and lighting component much thought? The type of lighting plays a major role in each room’s general ambiance, feeling, and design. Bad lighting can destroy a peaceful ambiance or make doing certain tasks difficult.

Current Contracting and Technologies Ltd. in Calgary offer full residential and commercial electrical services. During a home renovation or new home build, wiring and installing lighting is a big part of what they do. Here they share the three common types of lighting you’ll need in your home.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is basically your general overall lighting in each room. It should illuminate a comfortable level of brightness without a harsh glare, and allow you to see and walk about the space safely. Fixtures that give ambient lighting in a room include chandeliers, ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures, recessed or track lights. Having that central source of ambient light in all of your rooms is a good place to start your lighting plan. Learn how to choose the right lighting for every room.

Your electrician will ensure that the proper wiring is installed in each room for your ambient lighting. They can also make suggestions on light fixture types.

Task Lighting

As the name suggests, task lighting is there to help you perform specific tasks in certain rooms. Things like reading, getting ready in the bathroom, preparing and cooking food, doing homework or office work. Task lighting can be provided by a variety of fixtures. Recessed and track lighting, pendant lighting, and under-cabinet lighting, as well as portable floor and desk lamps are examples.

Having good task lighting is important. Proper task lighting should be free of distracting glares, shadows and be bright enough to prevent eye strain. This will make doing those tasks much easier.

It is best to install task lighting during construction or a renovation. This way, the wiring, and fixtures can be installed efficiently and seamlessly behind the drywall. Running wire to various areas in the room is more difficult and labour intensive when the walls are already installed! The same goes for ambient lighting.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting allows you to get creative with your home’s design. It adds a dramatic flair to each room by creating a visual focal point. Usually, the designers you work with can help make suggestions for this, but you can count on professional electricians like Current Contracting and Technologies to install it for you. Accent lighting draws the eye to painting, sculptures, plants and family photos. It can also be used to highlight the texture of a brick or natural stone wall, window treatments or even outside to show off key features of your outdoor landscaping.

Accent lighting requires three times as much light on the focal point as the general lighting surrounding it in order to be effective. Recessed, track lighting or wall-mounted picture lights are examples of accent lighting fixtures. Accent lighting is more effectively installed during construction or home renovations, but can still be done in an existing space if you need an upgrade.

Electricians in Calgary

Current Contracting is qualified to handle any kind of electrical renovation or repair work. This includes residential home renovations, repairs, interior, and exterior lighting upgrades and large commercial jobs. If you are working on a home renovation, or think there might be an issue with your current electrical system, don’t wait. Put your mind at ease and call Current Contracting.

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