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Engineered quartz is becoming a popular option for homeowners looking for a trendy, high-end natural looking countertop surface that is equally beautiful and durable. It is manufactured by combining 95% natural stone with 5% plymer resins. It is an incredibly hard surface, requires minimal maintenance, has the look and feel of other natural stone countertop options and lasts for years to come.

The biggest draw for homeowners is the ability to choose from a huge range of colours, textures and patterns as the options are not limited by the natural colours of the quartz. Although this may not be appealing for some, homeowners who choose to can get creative with their kitchen design with apple green, ruby red or espresso brown countertops. The colours and textures of engineered quartz can be more consistent than natural stone which is appealing to some.

The pattern on the surface of engineered quartz depends on how the quartz was ground during manufacturing. Finely ground quartz will have a smooth look where coarsely ground stone produces a more speckled appearance. Manufacturers are getting better at creating patterns that mimic natural stone like marble and granite, for those who don’t want to stay to far from the traditional look of hard surface countertops.

washroom Engineered quartz can be used for most countertop and backsplash applications, but because the resins aren’t UV stable they should be kept indoors. They are easy to clean and maintain. Warm water and soap can be used for daily cleaning and the polished finish will stay intact for years to come. The hard, non-porous nature of engineer quartz makes it resistant to stains, acid and stands up against scratches, dings and dents.

The bigger engineered quartz manufacturers offer a built-in antimicrobial protection that will fight the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew within the material. Most companies will offer long warranties on their product and countertop companies on the RenovationFind directory can guarantee quality product and installation.

According to CountertopGuides.com it can cost between $100-185 per square foot. Factors that can affect the cost include the grade of the material, the complexity and size of the job, and the cost of installation. Professional installation could account for about 30% of your total cost. DIY quartz countertop installation is not recommended as these are expensive materials and mistakes can be very costly! This job is best left to the pros.

There are so many benefits to engineered quartz it seems like it’s too good to be true! Although it is a smart choice and it looks very stylish, there are some ‘cons’ to consider when purchasing engineered quartz countertops.  It can lack the natural variations of textures and patterns, is not as heat resistant as other stone countertops, and can’t be used outside or as flooring if you have an in-floor heating system.


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