Learning About Stairway Railing Options

Stairway railings serve a very important purpose: to provide safety when going up and down your stairs. More than that, an attractive railing can give your home a unique look and could be considered a work of art! Whether you prefer iron spindles or wood, spindles for your new home or home renovation can create a clean, crisp and striking appeal.

Laird’s Railing in Calgary shares some information on both iron spindles and wood spindles to help you choose the right materials for your home:

Iron Spindles

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One of the main benefits of installing an iron railing system is that they will give your home a very modern look as iron spindles are popular among homeowners right now. Iron spindles are versatile and look great with most home styles, even if you have a wooden staircase.

Iron spindles are elegant and beautiful, but are also very reliable and durable. They provide safety without obstructing too much of the view and will last for years to come with little to no maintenance required.

Laird’s Railing offers a wide selection of iron spindles, ranging in colours, styles and designs. View iron spindle options here.  Have something special in mind? They can also customize and make iron spindles to match your design!

Wood Railings & Spindles

Both wooden and carpeted staircases are well complimented with wooden railings and spindles. Wooden railings and spindles come in a huge array of design choices and you can choose from a variety of wood types, styles, colours and finishes. Not only can you get creative with your wooden spindles, you can also choose from different rails and caps. If they have been properly installed by a professional railings company in Calgary and are well-taken care of, there is no reason why your wooden railings and spindles can’t last for years to come.

You can choose wood railings and spindles to match your floors or staircase, or make a bold statement by choosing a contrasting colour that will really pop! You can also choose to change the look of your railings and spindles in the future by sanding, painting and/or refinishing your wood railings. Laird’s Railing also offers custom wooden railings systems.

Railing System Company in Calgary

Laird’s Railing manufactures and installs interior railing systems for new home construction and home renovations. They can tackle any project related to stairs and railings including curved, straight and custom staircases! Whether it is an all wood railing or wood with iron spindles, they have endless options to offer. They are a respected and innovative leader in the railing and staircase industry and will provide exceptional customer service and products.

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