Leave gasfitting work to professional plumbers  

When it comes to installing a new gas line in your home for a BBQ or appliance, don’t try it alone. Not only can gas be dangerous, but the work requires a certified gasfitter to be compliant with the building code and most homeowner insurance policies. That’s where companies like Highcliffe Mechanical can help with gas line installation in Calgary.

When do you need gasfitting? 

There are several reasons you will need to hire a professional to handle gasfitting upgrades or installations. If you are changing your current fuel system, for example, you’ll need a professional to help. Changing fuel will affect your gas fireplace, hot water system, and potentially your appliances. If you plan to install a new gas BBQ or patio heater outside, you’ll also want a certified gasfitter. That work may involve digging the ground to add new pipelines before hooking up the appliance. 

Gasfitting maintenance and repairs 

If you smell a gas leak in your home or there’s any damage to the gas line, call a professional right away. A professional gasfitter is specially trained and certified in handling different gas lines and how they connect to your home. That experience means they can safely locate and repair any damages to your gas line, regulator, or metre. Regular maintenance is another crucial aspect that gasfitters handle, which can help prevent those damages from ever happening. At a minimum, your gas lines should be checked annually to check for damages to the pipes, changes in quality, or signs of wear and tear. Call plumbers in Calgary for an inspection and to handle the repair if there is trouble.

Warning signs 

An early warning sign of gas trouble is if your monthly gas bill starts spiking without an apparent reason. It may be an indication of a leak in your gas line, even if you can’t yet smell any gas in the air. Likewise, if you notice you are feeling nauseous, dizzy, or tired for no reason, it may also be a leak. In either case, call in a professional to inspect your home. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to gas. Another sign is if you notice your plants are suddenly withering or decomposing without reason or your gas appliances are starting to make strange noises. Again, they could be signs of a leak or damage to the gas line that needs immediate repairs.  

What to look for in a professional 

Like any professional contractor, before hiring a gasfitter, you want to make sure they are the right one. Many plumbers in Calgary will offer gasfitting services but always check for credentials first. The first thing should be a license that shows a professional body has approved them. It also means they have been vetted, and their qualifications and experience are sound. Experience and skill in various gasfitting services are also valuable attributes. A gasfitting contractor like Highcliffe Mechanical will ensure that your gas line installations are done to building code, safely, and last. 

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