Leave Renovation Clean Up for the Pros!

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A major component of any office or home renovation or construction job is the clean up. Most major renovations require a demolition stage, but have you considered what you’ll do with those demolished materials and all that dust it will create? Sometimes that isn’t actually included in your contractor’s quote. Perhaps you’re thinking about doing the post construction clean up yourself. Though it might seem like the less expensive option, there are many advantages to hiring a professional renovation cleaning company.

You will save yourself time.

This is probably the main reason renovators and home builders choose to leave the post construction clean up to the pros. Hauling out debris, dirt and dust can be a big job and hassle. If you’re renovating a commercial space or office you need the space to be clean for ongoing construction, inspections, final presentation, lease or sale. Plus, trained cleaners follow strict policies and procedures to ensure the job is done properly. Instead of working late into the evening or over the weekend, hire a pro to take care of it for you. They’ll always arrive on time, equipped with the right tools to get the job done efficiently and in far less time than it would take you. Your home or office renovation is going to shine!

It is the safer option.

Construction clean up has safety risks. Construction dust and debris could be in the air and left over construction materials could be laying around leaving a safety hazard. Hiring professionals will give you peace of mind knowing that they are experienced experts who know how to do the job quickly and safely. Clean construction areas are safer for workers, and make construction projects more efficient.

You won’t have to buy cleaning supplies.

You’ll need more than a bottle of all purpose cleaner and a wash bucket to tackle a large renovation or construction clean up. In order to do the job right, specific tools and cleaning products are necessary and they could be both complicated and expensive. A cleaning company will already have these tools and they know how to use them properly.

Renovation Cleaning Companies in Edmonton

The post construction cleanup is a process that involves multiple steps. Some of the services could include: removing all wood debris generated from cabinets and finish carpentry, removing all boxes, wrappers, etc. from of unit, sweeping entire interior, wash interior window glass and window sills, pick up and throw out packing cases and sweep after plumbers and electricians finish and many others.


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