Leave the garage wiring to the professionals

Nowadays, garages are used for much more than just parking your car or storing tools. More than ever, having power in the garage for a workshop or for charging is becoming standard. Still, wiring a garage needs the right skill and knowledge and that is best left to a professional.

Currents Contracting in Edmonton is a professional electrical company. They share some reasons why you should leave the garage wiring to their professionals: 

Your needs determine the power 

Depending on how you plan to use your garage, it will affect what sort of power and wiring is necessary. Is it just a few extra outlets for cables and tools or is it new lighting to brighten the space? Are you adding an automatic garage door or a new heating unit? The complexity of the project may mean more work is involved or even that more power is needed in your home. If you don’t have the right voltage, you can easily blow a circuit or risk getting electrocuted.  

There are necessary permits and safety codes 

If you’re planning to extend, alter or add new wires to the current electrical panel then you’ll first need a permit. There are also specific safety codes to follow that dictate how new wires must be installed and protected or when a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) must be added. An inspection will also need to be done after the work is complete to ensure everything is safe. If anything is not up to code, it’ll need to be redone. Not getting permits or an inspection can damage your home’s resale value or any future insurance claims. 

Design and convenience are key 

Without the proper layout, the efficiency and convenience of your garage is lost. You don’t want to have your cords trapped behind workbenches because the new outlet is too low. If you have a workstation, then wires running across the floor are a potential safety hazard. Planning ahead for overhead outlets will keep the wires out of the way and ensure that an outlet is always within reach. Any work handled outside of the garage is likewise easier with outlets on the walls and near the doors. Having to redo a poorly planned wire job will end up costing more money than necessary. With a professional, they’ll be able to help with safely designed layouts.

Leave it to the professionals 

When it comes to garage wiring or any kind of electrical work, it’s best left to the pros. Years of experience and skill mean that an electrician will know what permits, designs, or extra work is necessary. If you have a specific use in mind for your garage, they’ll ensure the right layout and power demands are supplied. Most of all, a professional’s work will ensure that your home is safe. When it comes time to sell, you won’t have to worry about failed inspections, or, if an accident happens, void insurance claims.   

Electricians in Edmonton 

Currents Contracting prides themselves in honest, friendly, and quality service for their customers. With every project, they always provide safe and efficient work that guarantees your home’s value goes up. With a wide range of electrical services and for residential or commercial, their professionals can always help. 

Contact Currents Contracting today for quality help!

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