Leveling your concrete floor

Undergoing a basement renovation or looking to install new flooring? Before anything can be done, it’s important to level the floor. It may be difficult to proceed on a project with a slanted concrete foundation. Installing a flooring textile will be difficult with cracks or slants. Pieces could bend and pop out of place, or not even go in at all. With the help of Edmonton Concrete and Asphalt, leveling your floor can be a project made easy.

Step 1: Fill any cracks

The first step before leveling is to fill in any cracks in the concrete. These cracks can cause problems in the future for your foundation. The cracks may also increase in size, causing the floor to bend or slant. Concrete contractors will check the space for cracks in the surface, filling them accordingly.

Step 2: Latex bonding

Once the floor is dry and the cracks are filled, latex bonding is applied. This layer will act as an adherence for the concrete materials and an extra layer of protection for your flooring. Brushes or mops are used in order to effectively spread the material.

Step 3: Mix the concrete

Mixing concrete is a relatively easy step. All it requires is mixing the bagged compound with water, according to the instructions of the bag. For larger jobs, the concrete will be mixed in a commercial concrete mixer. The compound must be completely mixed for the concrete to have the best performance.

Step 4: Pour and spread

It’s important to pour the substance quickly, as it’s a fast-drying substance. Once poured, the contractor will have to work quickly to spread it around, making sure that the material reaches every part of the floor in the space.

Step 5: Dry time

The last thing to do is… well, wait. This step doesn’t require the assistance of a contractor or construction worker, but your patience. Let the floor dry for several days before walking or working on it. You don’t want any footprints under your flooring.

Step 6: Continue on your renovations

Once your flooring in the basement is level, you can move on with your basement plans. The workers at Edmonton Concrete and Asphalt have the experience to ensure that everything is done properly, and any future projects you may have will go on smoothly. Now, you can truly make the space your own with a proper, level floor.

Concrete Contractors in Edmonton

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