Lifestyle and home value benefits of installing skylights

A skylight may just be a single-window installed into the roof of your home, but there are numerous perks. Aside from the practical benefits of giving your ceiling a new look, there are many more personal and home benefits to enjoy. 

The team at Silverline Roofing in Edmonton are roofing and skylight installation experts. They share some of the benefits that a skylight can offer both for you and your home:

Natural daylight naturally boosts moods

It’s a known fact that sunlight helps promote our bodies to produce more vitamin D, which helps regulate mood and energy levels. Many health benefits studies have been done showing that natural lighting helps reduce stress and anxiety and even improve sleep. If you work from home, but in a room lacking in sunlight, then a skylight is a perfect solution. Likewise, skylights can be installed anywhere in the home to help improve healthy light exposure everywhere.

Save more on utility bills 

With more natural sunlight, you won’t find yourself having to reach for the light switches so often. Instead of relying on electrical lighting to brighten a room, a skylight can help maximize natural lighting. By allowing more light to come inside, you can save more money on those monthly electrical bills.

Skylights are also great when it comes to better ventilation and airflow in your home. Installing skylights that can open, encourages the flow of fresh clean air and regulates temperatures. The type of glass used can also help regulate how much heat gets in or out. By keeping your home cooler in the summer, yet warmer in the winter, it helps save money on energy costs. 

Boost resale value 

There is a certain aesthetic bonus offered by skylights that makes them quite appealing to potential buyers. Natural lighting is appealing to any buyer, while the addition of a skylight simply adds an attractive aspect to the room. Likewise, skylights can be installed in any room. Living rooms can create a feature focus with a skylight, while master bedrooms or bathrooms benefit from the design boost.

Roofers in Edmonton 

Silverline Roofing offers full range roofing services including inspections, repairs and skylight installations. No matter what the job, they always go above and beyond to ensure the best experience possible for their clients. When it comes to getting the best roofing solutions, Silverline Roofing is the company to call.

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