Lighting maintenance: what to expect and why you need it

Unless a lightbulb breaks, your lights aren’t turning on or you’ve just decided to reinstall more energy efficient lighting, a home’s lighting system is typically used without a second thought. If the lights always turn on when you flip the switch, do you really need regular light maintenance? The answer is actually yes, as surprising as that may seem. Just like any other system in your home, the lights also need maintenance to ensure things run smoothly.

Dream It Electric Ltd. in Edmonton are dedicated to bringing the best electrical services to your home. And, that also means providing the best light maintenance and explaining why it is so necessary:

What is lighting maintenance? 

Just like car or plumbing maintenance, lighting maintenance is much the same. Everything from a routine inspection for upkeep, replacing a broken bulb, fixing a faulty wire or completely updating the lights. A light system that is not working at its best capacity, can mean costly expenses to homeowners in the future. Preventative maintenance, however, will cover a general inspection of the light, testing and possible replacements to prevent future light failure.

Beyond just making sure your lighting system itself is functional, light maintenance can also mean inspecting and improving general lighting. If the light system was installed in a less than ideal spot, meaning you need more lights to brighten a room, this could be an issue for you. Reinstalling the lights in a more ideal location means your rooms will be brighter, but electricity costs will be lower.

What can affect your lighting system? 

As with any system, basic aging can affect the quality and output of your lights. If your system is dated or the bulbs are simply reaching their end, it will affect the lighting quality. Likewise, leaving lights turned for extended periods of time, even if you don’t need them, can speed up the end of your bulb’s life. Lastly, an unsuspecting factor that can affect the system is actually dust accumulation. A dirty fixture means the output of light is diminished, making it seem as though the lights aren’t working. Similarly, dust that gathers behind the fixtures can affect wiring and cause electrical issues. Read more about how to efficiently clean your lights.

Maintenance you can do yourself

Keeping lights and fixtures clean is simple yet important maintenance that will help keep light performance at its best. Changing burned out lights is another maintenance factor, both to ensure light quality as it is to keep an eye on your lighting system. If lights continue to go out, it may just be the end of their shelf-life or it could be a sign of electrical problems. Active DIY maintenance as a homeowner means knowing when your lighting system is working properly, and when something is wrong. That way you or a professional can handle the little problems now, before they become bigger and costlier in future.

Electricians in Edmonton  

Dream It Electric Ltd. are a dedicated team of professionals who strive to provide only the best electrical service for your home. They offer services in everything from installing new wiring, basic light maintenance or simply helping to change lights and switches. No matter what your needs, Dream It Electric Ltd. are there to help.

Don’t hesitate to contact them for any electrical help, questions or services!

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