Living room renovation tips to transform the space  

Generally, living rooms are included in kitchen renovations as part of an open layout concept. Other times, the renovations are specific changes like adding new stone masonry or paint colour. But just like any other room in your home, living rooms have great renovation potential all on their own.

Tkon Construction in Edmonton offers professional general contracting and renovation services. They share some transformative tips and ideas for your living room renovation:

Expand the space

Don’t settle for a small, closed-off living room space, especially when open layouts are so popular. Living rooms are often merged into a kitchen design, but that isn’t the only choice. Simply adding more space, like removing a wall, will add that open, spacious feel. If you have a deck or sunroom by the living room, install new windows and a door leading outdoors. Just be sure to work with a general contractor to handle any wall removal or construction. Not only is it messy, but you won’t want to take out a load-bearing wall accidentally.

Add a feature wall

Feature walls are perfect interior design elements that add eye-catching focal points and appeal to any room. Living rooms are especially beneficial, as most tend to have large, spacious walls in them. There are also a few ways to design a feature wall beyond just the traditional bold new paint colour. Add texture with a stone veneer addition, install a new fireplace or a mounted TV with shelving on either side. If you do want a painted wall feature, choose light, calming colours like blues or pastels. Otherwise, bold, dark colours like black or dark red and green will create a striking new look.  

Update the lighting

This two-in-one renovation is perfect for changing the look and in a cost-effective way. If the living room’s layout and design isn’t an issue, focus on lighting and fixtures instead. Better lighting, in any room, can help brighten it and highlight features with accent lights. With features such as a fireplace, brick wall, or even wall shelving, install spotlights to shine on them. That will naturally draw the eye and add a focal feature. Use general ceiling lights such as recessed to help brighten the room overall and chase away any shadows. As for fixtures, go for bold, statement styles. Living rooms with tall ceilings will pair perfectly with stunning chandeliers for a touch of traditional and luxury.

Change the floors

Floors are just as important to factor into the overall design and if you want to boost value even more. Unlike bathrooms or kitchens, living rooms aren’t limited to specific flooring types because of moisture risks. For a timeless and value-boosting option, you can’t go wrong with hardwood. The different species of wood alone can be used to really customize the appearance. At the same time, laying down runners or rugs can add some interior design appeal. Natural stone is another stunning option that brings a blend of traditional grandeur to a modern home.

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