Low-Maintenance Waterproof Decking: Vinyl vs. Coatings

Everybody wants a deck to soak up the summer sun and enjoy the company of friends and family. But nobody wants to waste their time or money maintaining a sundeck.

When you’re deciding what type of decking makes the most sense for your new deck or sundeck renovation, it’s hard to know which option to choose.

Do you want a low-maintenance decking? How about decking that can provide dry storage or a covered patio? Then vinyl decking or a liquid-applied decking membrane are the top two choices to consider.

Vinyl decking

This flexible, affordable, and attractive waterproof PVC membrane is a top choice for homeowners who want a beautiful sundeck without the hassle of a traditional wood deck or the cost of a composite deck. With top vinyl brand warranties ranging from 10-20 years, choosing this decking means you won’t have to worry about another deck project for decades.


Vinyl decking can be installed on ground level patios for an easy-to-clean and virtually maintenance-free outdoor living area. When installed on second-story decks, the waterproof vinyl creates a dry area below, perfect for storage or for a covered outdoor entertainment area. Reputable vinyl decking brands like Duradek meet all building code requirements for use on decks over living space, making it a popular choice for roof decks.


Vinyl decking is the perfect low-maintenance, waterproof solution to many decking problems.

Coatings: Liquid-applied decking membranes

Do you ever wish you could just paint over the troublesome imperfections in your home? Well, liquid-applied decking membranes can often do just that for your weathered sundeck.


Deck coatings are a waterproof liquid-applied membrane that can be applied to most any deck surface. Unlike vinyl, this multi-layer system has no seams. It creates a continuous, durable barrier to moisture with minimal vulnerability to weak points. You can often put a liquid coating over worn vinyl or concrete to update its aesthetics and improve waterproofing.


The colour, texture, and pattern of the coating are completely customizable. And if the membrane gets worn or damaged, it’s easily repaired by applying another topcoat. This type of decking is not offered by all deck builders, but is often work seeking out!




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