Luxury vinyl plank and tile is affordable and high quality

When it comes to buying quality products for your home renovation, it typically also means a high price tag. The more durable and long-lasting an item, the more expensive it is to ensure that. With luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank, that’s not the case. Both types of flooring offer the same high-end quality, but at an affordable price.

Read more about how luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank have all the traits of a quality floor for your home:


A long-lasting and durable floor are two of the key features when looking at a quality floor. Poor quality can mean a floor that gets damaged easily, higher maintenance needs, and a shorter lifespan.  Luxury vinyl tile and plank have a long lifespan. These flooring products are made for extra strength and durability. The flooring has commercial-grade wear, so they can stand up to high foot traffic and busy families without showing wear. They also aren’t easily scratched or damaged by spills, so you can install them in any room.

Function and appearance 

An outdated or unappealing floor can take away from the overall value and visual appeal of any room. While different rooms may have different flooring needs, the visual appeal is always just as important. Luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank offer a two-in-one benefit. Because the material is completely water-resistant, it can be installed in any room in the house. Kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms benefit from a vinyl floor because the material is resistant to moisture and spills. As for appearance, the material can easily mimic the look of real tile and real hardwood floors. You’ll have all the benefits of a durable and functional floor, without having to sacrifice design and appearance.

Cost and maintenance 

The cost of a floor isn’t just limited to the initial purchase, there’s also the potential for future maintenance costs. Some floors, like hardwood, are high quality but also need more maintenance during their lifespan. The floors must be regularly sanded and resealed over the years to maintain their appearance and to protect against damage. The payoff is that hardwood floors can add major value to your home and appeal to many potential buyers. Luxury vinyl tile and plank offer those same benefits, but without the need for any maintenance. You can still get the look of real hardwood, but vinyl doesn’t need to be sanded or resealed. A simple wash with soap and water will keep the floors clean and new.

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