Maintain your AC during the summer

Typically, air conditioner maintenance focuses on preparing your AC unit for the summer and ensuring things are in working order. While that is important, it needs just as much care and upkeep throughout the summer. When the unit is running full time, it needs regular attention to ensure it stays running efficiently. 

Hydro-Flo Plumbing & Heating in Edmonton is a professional, full-service HVAC company that offers air conditioner installation and repairs. They share how to continue maintaining your AC over the summer months:

Regularly change the filter

Changing the air filter is one of the first steps to getting your AC ready for the summer. After you do, mark your calendar to keep track so you can change the filter in another 30 days. Regularly changing the filter prevents the unit from working harder than it has to and keeps the indoor air cleaner. Also, if you have pets or notice more pollen or dust in the air, consider changing the filter more often.

Keep it clear

A clean AC unit is essential for efficient airflow and lower monthly bills. Like that first filter change, clearing away debris or encroaching plants is part of preparing your AC for the summer. Then, throughout the summer, keep an eye out for any new growth or in case debris collects around the unit. When the air conditioner becomes blocked, it affects the airflow of the unit. Blocked or uneven airflow creates hot or cold spots around the home, and it can increase your energy bill. 

Make sure it stays clean

After a long winter, clearing off your AC is just the first step in maintaining your unit. After any summer storms, a windy day or regularly throughout the summer, keep the unit clean—specifically, the compressor fins. The fins are located on the outdoor section of an air conditioner. Using a water hose with moderate pressure and spraying the unit will wash away any grime or buildup. These fins play a key role in helping heat move away from the air conditioner and disperse faster. If you aren’t comfortable cleaning the unit yourself, call a professional and leave it to them.

Get a professional tune-up

If you’re running the AC almost constantly during the summer, don’t wait until next spring to get a professional tune-up. Even with regular maintenance and care during the summer, it’s worth getting it checked by a professional. Any minor issues that have crept up or lowered efficiency will be caught and repaired. Then, your AC will run at full efficiency from the start to the end of summer.

Air Conditioning in Edmonton

Hydro-Flo Plumbing & Heating has been providing trusted and quality plumbing services since 2006. Their team offers help with scheduled or emergency plumbing, heating, installation, and repair services. From residential homes to high rises, they will ensure your HVAC system is running safely, smoothly, and efficiently. 

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